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Healthy Gut Physician Approved

The Health Coach Networking Retreat

Get ready for fun in the sun while making life long connections networking with like-minded health professionals.


Online done-for-you health coaching content

Program creation doesn’t have to hold up your business growth.  We’ve provided professional, beautiful, tried and true done-for-you wellness programs for coaches and other wellness practitioners in all fields for over 12 years.




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The Health Coach Group has the tools you need if you have a passion for helping others, need a health coach business plan template, or are intimidated by building a business online.

We can’t wait to watch you build a business you love. So, let’s go!


coaching content and Done For You Wellness Programs created by the health coach group

learn how to help more people, spend fewer hours working, do the work you love, plus work from any PLACE you desire!

Join Cathy now, to learn what it takes to get your wellness business online and making money with done for you health coaching content.  With our programs, you’ll learn specific steps, how to make it happen faster, and how to avoid costly mistakes.

The Health Coach Group Done For You Wellness Programs

Why we are different from other Done-for-You Coaching Programs? 

Hi! I’m Cathy Sykora. I and my team help doctors, functional practitioners, naturopaths, chiropractors, registered dietitians, and personal trainers, in addition to health coaches, to become a business entity that is recognized as the expert in your field.

You are important to me.

I want to help you spend more time in your practice and less time trying to write programs and figure things out by yourself.

Our done-for-you programs help to eliminate hours of pointless labor. We work with you to determine a business plan and marketing strategy, set up your programs for you, and even deliver them.

We understand that result-driven, credible, well-researched, and professional materials are what you’re after; and that’s exactly what we provide! When you choose The Health Coach Group for your done-for-you wellness programs and health coaching content, you can always expect results that boosts your reputation as an expert in your field.

You’ll find a community of your peers and mentors to help drive you to be a successful health and wellness coach.

Whether you need just a little support or a complete wellness business strategy, our team is here to deliver just the right amount of help so you can take your online coaching business to the next level with done-for-you programs and more.


Done-for-You Wellness Programs with a Purpose

Art of aging is a 6-week interactive private or group program that can be used online or off. Educate your clients on nutrition, hormones, beauty, learning, relationships, fitness, spiritual, emotional, myths, and truths.

Stress relieving Done For You Wellness Programs

We offer a comprehensive learning experience that goes beyond the typical setup. Our program includes modules, workbooks, audio, and video components, providing a multifaceted approach to understanding aging.

What sets us apart is our unique concept that focuses on each organ system of the body and explores the impact of aging on that particular system. We then delve into various remedies for addressing the effects of aging on each system. This approach is designed to enlighten and engage our clients, presenting a scientific and logical framework that ties everything together.

Not only is our program informative, but it also offers a visually appealing and enjoyable experience. We take pride in providing the most honest and comprehensive program on aging to date. By examining the cause-and-effect relationships within the body, our program empowers you to make positive changes in your life.

Our conversations help health professionals all around the world elevate their businesses to the next level and get more clients.


Learn health coach advertising, create a health coach business plan template, and improve health coach social media content online from The Health Coach Group

Our done for you wellness programs and health coaching content are all physician-approved. They are all 100% customizable and we encourage you to brand them to your company and fit them to your customers’ needs.

Find your signature wellness


the easy way

With customizable health coaching content, business plans, advertising strategies, and more; all Done-For-You. All Physician/Health Coach Approved

Develop a business plan template for health coaching with The Health Coach Group

The number one lesson I learned is how businesses should treat people. Business is about our customers. Customers should always, always get more than they paid for. Employees should work in flexible, rewarding careers. Businesses should always add value back to the world in as many ways as possible.



From Our Clients

 “THCG is like a business GPS, helping me to determine how to get where I want to be! The best way to build a business is to follow someone who has already been where you are, someone who is running a successful business and genuinely cares whether we succeed. Cathy Sykora IS that person, and her capable staff makes it work for me.”

 “…what a great surprise this has been. Joining Inner Circle has been hands down the best decision I made to launch my six-month program. I wasn’t prepared for all the bonus material and support – what a great surprise that has been. Having a professional, customizable program eliminated the fear and headache of trying to do it myself. Plus, my clients can’t wait to get the module for each session. Thank you!


“My website has changed my life.I make at least 4x, if not more, money, getting my name out there, people are finding me! I can coach people who live in other states. It’s so easy. I’m finally able to sell my work through my website! I’m putting so much less effort into it, giving so much more value to my clients and myself, and making so much more money. It’s amazing!”


…helping us change people’s lives. Wow! This is absolutely amazing! I cannot wait to see what the next weeks have in store! Thank you for such a professional product that’s helping us change people’s lives.”


I can focus my energy on my business. Thank you for your vision and tireless work in creating this valuable resource. So comforting to know I can get answers and support so that I can focus my energy on my business.”


“Purchasing your Platinum package with its educational courses, support, and coaching has been one of the best business investment decisions I have ever made! This week I was able to sell my largest wellness coaching package to date, thanks to having access to the beautiful content that your company provides for me to share with my clients. Being able to show the client the programs, and allowing them to see themselves doing the modules and creating change for themselves, is an invaluable sales tool that has worked like a charm. I am now converting more New Client Assessments into long-term packages, more than twice as many as before. The Health Coach Group has filled a void in my nutrition coaching business, and I am so grateful I found you!”