Hello, I’m Cathy Sykora,

the driving force behind The Health Coach Group.

My mission? To be your guiding star, always a step ahead, charting the course to make your business thrive. From streamlining operations to enhancing your  image and expanding your clientele, I’m committed to ensuring you achieve your business dreams.

My unique insight comes from being a Health Coach myself. I’ve journeyed through the ups and downs, understood the challenges, and celebrated the victories that come with this profession. It’s this firsthand experience that allows me to connect with your needs.

Better yet, I’m not alone on this journey. My dedicated team, brings their expertise and understanding to the table, ensuring that we cater to every aspect of your business.

Remember, you’re not just another client to us. You’re a valued partner, and your success is our success.  

You matter to us.

Cathy Sykora


Welcome to The Health Coach Group!

At The Health Coach Group, we are your partners in the journey to transforming lives. We specialize in offering top-tier wellness courses, cutting-edge educational resources, effective tools, and fully customized websites. Our aim? To empower health professionals like you to create a thriving practice.

Your Success is Our Blueprint We understand that your passion to make a difference is backed by rigorous education, burning desire, and unwavering commitment. Yet, stepping into the business realm can be daunting.

Turning your expertise into a profitable venture requires more than just knowledge. It demands clients, a business strategy, a robust online presence, and consistent income streams.

And that’s precisely where The Health Coach Group bridges the gap.

With our resources and your dedication, together, we can build a business that not only prospers but also changes lives for the better. 

We Want to Help You Be Successful

You have the education, desire, and willingness…now comes the hard part.

You need to build a business. You need clients and income. That’s where we come in.

Let’s embark on this journey together!


Getting clients and growing your business doesn’t need to be so hard.

The Essence of Teamwork at The Health Coach Group

Collaboration and unity drive us, setting us apart at The Health Coach Group (THCG). Our commitment runs deep, fueled by our dedication to bringing a transformative layer of healthcare to the forefront.

At the heart of our mission is connecting aspiring individuals with passionate coaches like you. With our meticulously crafted programs, business tools, and educational tutorials, we strive to elevate the standards of the industry and accentuate the professionalism of your coaching practice. THCG is devoted to ensuring that health coaches can focus on their core strength: nurturing and guiding clients.

Balancing Personal Well-being with Professional Excellence

In the realm of health, the adage, ‘practice what you preach,’ holds immense significance. As health professionals, maintaining personal well-being not only augments our own lives but also empowers us to offer our best to those we serve. It’s this symbiotic relationship between personal health and professional efficiency that we at THCG value and emphasize.

Family: The Heartbeat of Our Values

Too often, the corporate sphere overlooks the unsung heroes: our families. They are our pillars of strength, our reservoirs of joy, and our daily reminders of why we work so hard. At THCG, we deeply cherish the importance of making time for loved ones. My own anchors are my husband Gary, our children: Ashlie, Jeff, Debbie, and the young sparks in our family, our grandchildren: Kora, Aiden, Ciara, and Jackson. Their love and exuberance rejuvenate my spirit daily.

My fervor for family, my zest for travel, and an insatiable thirst for learning define me. The unwavering support from my family has been instrumental in the growth and success of THCG.

Four decades in the business realm, enriched by the experiences with over 15,000 clients, have been profound learning chapters. These experiences have solidified my belief in our mission and vision, as we continue to forge ahead.

The Genesis of THCG: A Journey from Passion to Purpose

Often, I’m met with the question: “How did THCG come into being?” The answer? A blend of passion, purpose, and a desire to transform the world of wellness.

From Wellness to Wholeness:
Entering my 50’s, I felt a surge of zeal towards wellness and nutrition. So, I immersed myself in wellness education while concurrently spearheading Nebraska’s largest interior design company. My aim? To infuse wellness into every aspect of life, even homes. My mission was to design spaces that holistically enriched both the body and soul of the homeowners.

The Birth of an Idea:
However, this synergy of interior design and wellness was just the tip of the iceberg. My heart yearned for a broader impact. A question lingered: How could I bridge the world of wellness with the greater community? The answer lay in forming a ‘health coach group’. This was the inception of THCG. Our initial intent was straightforward: securing jobs for health coaches. However, conventional marketing strategies felt ill-fitted for such a personal and transformative industry.

Reimagining Wellness Marketing:
Health coaching, with its intimate nature, demanded a fresh marketing perspective. We realized that the core values that had always underpinned my businesses needed a new avenue in this realm. Traditional marketing didn’t resonate with the personal touch health coaching required. Thus, THCG pivoted its focus.

Our Blueprint:

  • Personalized Registry: We curated a platform that intimately connects coaches with potential clients, prioritizing individual needs and aspirations.

  • Empowerment Tools: We equipped our coaches with proven resources – from comprehensive working materials to branding insights. This ensures that our coaches not only stand out but also offer unparalleled value to their clients.

  • Collaborative Learning: Our coaches have the privilege of accessing blogging circles, customized recipe compilations, and joint specialty programs. These resources are meticulously crafted to equip them with the skills and knowledge to make their mark in the industry. Furthermore, our mastermind groups offer a space for mutual growth, shared wisdom, and professional evolution.

The Heart of THCG:
At our core, we are solution architects, always ready to tackle challenges and innovate for better outcomes. The unique strength of THCG? We are all health coaches. This shared journey ensures that we resonate with the aspirations and challenges of our community. Our ultimate aim? To ensure coaches focus on what they do best – transforming lives, while we manage the rest.

At THCG, we don’t just offer solutions; we craft experiences. And that’s the essence of our journey.

A Business Ethos Rooted in Humanity

Over my vast journey in the business landscape, one principle has emerged as paramount: the essence of business lies in its people.


Customer-Centric Approach: At the heart of any successful venture lies its customers. The business narrative isn’t about the entrepreneur, the brand, or its products; it’s primarily about those we serve. Ensuring customers consistently receive more value than what they invested is not just good business; it’s the right thing to do.


A thriving business recognizes that its backbone is its employees. Providing them with a flexible, enriching, and rewarding career path is non-negotiable. When we create environments where employees can grow, be themselves, and find purpose, we invariably bolster the foundation of our enterprise.


Adding Value to the World:Beyond profit margins and growth charts, businesses have a pivotal role in society. The true mark of a responsible business is its ability to ripple positive impacts far and wide. Whether through sustainable practices, community outreach, or simply by virtue of its products and services, a business must strive to make the world a little better, a little brighter.

In essence, business is a tapestry woven with threads of human connections, trust, and value. And that’s the lesson I hold closest to my heart.

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Visioning a Future Reimagined

When I look towards the horizon, I perceive a world transformed. It’s not just a fleeting mirage but a tangible, palpable future where wellness isn’t just an aspiration; it’s a way of life.

Wellness at the Forefront:
In this envisioned future, vitality and health are not mere bywords but lived experiences. Families thrive in an ecosystem of well-being, with energy that radiates from every individual. It’s a world where the buoyancy of health isn’t confined to a chosen few but shared, celebrated, and cherished by all.

Legacy of Learning:
Parents don’t just narrate tales of well-being; they embody them. Children, in turn, grow up observing and absorbing these invaluable lessons of living wholesomely. This ripple effect ensures that with each generation, the commitment to health becomes deeper and the understanding richer.

Unity in Purpose:
But this transformation isn’t a solitary endeavor. I envision communities, societies, and nations coming together in unison for this common goal. It’s a collective undertaking where everyone contributes to painting this grand canvas of global health, regardless of background or role.

In this world, we aren’t just passive inhabitants. We are active change-makers, fervently working, not just hoping, for a brighter, healthier future. This isn’t just my vision. It’s a dream I believe we all share, and together, it’s a dream we can realize.

We have such an exciting and magical road ahead.  The magic happens when we travel together because only then does our vision and power expand. Together we can travel farther, grow faster, and reach more places than any one single traveler could alone.

Let’s work together to change the future of generations to come.


Embarking on a Journey of Collective Transformation

The path ahead of us is not just any road; it’s a luminous pathway shimmering with potential and promise. What makes this journey truly enchanting is the collective spirit of exploration and the synergy of shared purpose.

Magic in Unity:
The true allure of our quest lies in our unity. As individual entities, our reach and influence have boundaries. However, when we merge our energies and visions, our horizons expand. When harnessed together, our collective strength amplifies our impact, enabling us to traverse further, scale new heights, and touch countless lives in ways we hadn’t imagined.

Together, We Shape the Future:
The choices we make and the steps we take today lay the foundation for tomorrow. Our collaborative efforts have the power to sculpt the narrative for the generations that follow. Let’s forge this legacy together, ensuring that the imprints we leave behind are those of knowledge, health, and well-being.

An Education Rooted in Excellence:
The richness of my educational journey reflects the depth of my commitment to holistic wellness:

  • The Art Institute of Pittsburgh: Where creativity met a purpose.

  • The Institute for Integrative Nutrition: Fusing traditional wisdom with contemporary insights into nutrition and well-being.

  • Body Mind Institute / David Wolfe’s Raw Nutrition Certification: A deep dive into raw nutrition’s transformative potential.

  • Johns Hopkins, Bloomberg School of Public Health: Where rigorous scientific methodologies met public health aspirations.

  • Hippocrates Health Series: Bridging ancient health practices with modern understandings.

  • University of Virginia / Darden School of Business: Business acumen combined with a vision for a healthier world.

  • Trinity School of Natural Health: Exploring the vast spectrum of natural healing modalities.

Each institution and course has honed my understanding and vision, equipping me with a holistic toolkit to be an agent of change in the world of health and wellness.

Let us embark on this enchanting journey together, for together we can reimagine and reshape the very fabric of our future.

Discover Our Expert Health Coaches

 Tap into Health Excellence:

Dive deep into a world where your health is paramount, where our dedicated team is here to guide you and revolutionize your health journey. We aim to provide unmatched value, gifting you tools and strategies that have an immediate, transformative impact on your health and overall well-being.

A Radiant You Awaits:
Imagine a version of you that radiates energy, health, and exuberance. That’s our mission for you! Health isn’t merely the absence of disease; it’s about optimizing your spiritual, emotional, and physical potential. If you’re ready for a transformative health journey, delve deeper with us.

Our Expertise. Your Journey:
We aren’t just health coaches; we are a symphony of diverse expertise dedicated to your health needs. Our team has been meticulously trained by globally renowned health maestros, ensuring your unique health challenges are met with unparalleled expertise.

Diverse Backgrounds. Unified Mission:
From doctors, nurses, personal trainers, journalists, and interior designers, our health coaches come from many professions. Each brings a unique perspective to your health journey. Many of us have triumphed over personal health challenges, giving us a profound understanding of your journey. Whether it’s battling weight, managing chronic diseases, or overcoming addictions, we’ve been there and know the path to wellness.

Customized Health Solutions:
Every individual is unique, and so are their health needs. Our coaches craft tailor-made programs rooted in your health history and goals. Whether it’s navigating weight loss, understanding food allergies, managing stress, transitioning to plant-based diets, or addressing other health challenges, our team is equipped to guide you.

Your Health is Our Priority:
Your well-being is more than a goal; it’s our mission. At The Health Coach Group, every interaction is infused with genuine care, ensuring you always have an expert championing your health journey. Embark on this transformative journey with us because your health deserves nothing but the best!

Do you have questions or need help?  We have the best support team.  We're here to help you.

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