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This is me…Cathy Sykora

I’m behind The Health Coach Group, and I’m behind you… and in front of you, figuring out what will make your business run smoother, make you look more professional, and bring you more business, then developing it, making it look beautiful, and delivering it to you.

I can do this because I’m a Health Coach and know what you are and will be going through in your business. My team is made up of Health Coaches…

You are important to me.

Cathy Sykora


Welcome to The Health Coach Group!

The Health Coach Group provides wellness courses, education, tools, and websites to assist health professionals

in building their business to be able to make a difference in the lives of others.

We Want to Help You Be Successful

You have the education, desire, and willingness…now comes the hard part.

You need to build a business. You need clients and income. That’s where we come in.

Getting clients and growing your business doesn’t need to be so hard.

Teamwork and collaboration are what we are all about and also what makes us so special. We all work hard to provide an imperative new layer of health care.

First, we introduce clients in need of lifestyle changes to coaches like you. Our programs, business aids, and tutorials bring top-notch professionalism to the industry and your coaching business. Here at The Health Coach Group (THCG), our entire line of products and services were created specifically to help busy health coaches spend more time doing what they do best: coaching! Your well being is our top priority.

As a health professional, you know personal well being is a top priority that keeps you at the top of your game and better able to serve your clients.

Often, the business world doesn’t acknowledge those we feel are the most important part of any team: family. Having time for your family is something we value at THCG. My most important team members are my husband Gary, my children: Ashlie, Jeff, and Debbie, and of course my grandchildren: Kora, Aiden, Ciara, and Jackson. All have brought me renewed youth and joy!

I’m passionate about my family, travel, learning, and I love my work. My team, my family, has been tolerant and understanding of the time I have put into this business to see it grow.

41 years in business and over 15,000 clients have taught me a lot.

The number one lesson I learned is how businesses should treat people.

  • Business is about my customers…not me.
  • Customers should always, always get more than they paid for.
  • Employees should work in flexible, rewarding careers.
  • Business should always add value back into the world in as many ways as possible.

People always ask me how I came up with my idea for THCG.

It started with a passion for wellness.  I went back to school in my 50’s to learn about nutrition. I received my wellness education while still working as an interior designer. I was driven to do something that would add value to the world.

For quite a few years, I used my new knowledge to design homes that empowered the homeowner to increase their physical and spiritual well-being. But I wanted to do more. So I found myself creating a ‘health coach group’ and from there the company was born. Getting jobs for health coaches was our purpose. Yet we found all the old school ways of marketing didn’t work.

Health and wellness needed something different. I needed to apply the strong values that founded my business, but in a different way. We discovered that health coaching is a very personal choice.

Health coaching demands a very personal marketing approach. So The Health Coach Group evolved to help coaches find their own clients and to help them impress the pants off those clients once they do. How do we do that?

We developed a registry that introduces coaches to clients in a more personal way. We give coaches the tools we found necessary in building a more professional business. Tools like materials and programs to work from, branding tips and customization tricks to make them stand out.

Our coaches have access to blogging groups, recipe books, and collaborative specialty programs that teach them how to step forward into the business world. Coaches can also join mastermind groups to help them develop a professional practice.


At THCG, we are problem solvers, solution finders, and systems creators.

This is what we do best. We are all health coaches too which means we completely understand that coaches want to spend more time coaching and less time fussing.

I look into the future and I see a different world, a world where people are living better lives. Healthy lives full of energy and teaching their children by example. I see people working together to bring this change to light.

We have such an exciting and magical road ahead.  The magic happens when we travel together because only then does our vision and power expand. Together we can travel farther, grow faster, and reach more places than any one single traveler could alone.

Let’s work together to change the future of generations to come.

  • The Art Institute of Pittsburgh
  • The Institute for Integrative Nutrition
  • Body Mind Institute/ David Wolfe’s Raw Nutrition Certification
  • Johns Hopkins, Bloomberg School of Public Health
  • Hippocrates Health Series
  • University of Virginia / Darden School of Business
  • Trinity School of Natural Health
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Our goal is to add more value to your world than you ever dreamed possible by giving you tools that you can immediately use to improve your health and life. We are here to make you glow with health and energy!

Healthy means unlocking your spiritual potential and nurturing your health and happiness! If you want to live a healthier life, read on!

We are a group of health coaches well-educated by the best experts in the world—and we listen to your needs. Our health coaches will individualize a program based on your health history and facilitate the changed you need to live a better, healthier and more energetic life!

We are from a wide variety of professions, doctors, nurses, psychologists, interior designers, personal trainers, dental hygienists, journalists, and others. Our health coaches have had all their health issues to deal with and have come out on top. From weight loss to disease, we know what works and what doesn’t. We understand what you are going through. We help people set goals and back it up with daily actions to create measurable results.

With our team you will get help with weight loss, general health and wellness, anti-aging and longevity, children’s nutrition, sugar addiction, food, alcohol and drug addiction, gluten intolerance, food allergies, stress, digestive issues, conversion to plant based diets, environmental health and sports, and many other specialties.

Your health and well-being are important to us. When you work with The Health Coach Group, you are working with someone who makes your well-being a priority.

Do you have questions or need help?  We have the best support team.  We're here to help you.