36 Ways to Use Your Health Coaching Certificate

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There are more options than working for someone else. 

36-ways-to-use-your-health-coaching-certificate. Are you a health coach who is trying to figure out the best way to help the world?  Many of us went through school and figured we’d get a job, only to find that we didn’t fit existing qualifications and that there just isn’t a demand in the field like there is in other industries and careers.


Happily, there is a huge need for health coaches and your options are boundless.

If you’re wanting to expand your influence on the health of others, check out this list that I put together for you!



Endless possibilities for using your health coaching certificate:

  1. get a job working for a doctor
  2. start your own practice in an office setting
  3. start your own virtual health coaching practice
  4. partner with organizations to coach their members
  5. work with doctors to coach their patients
  6. work with corporations to coach their employees
  7. offer online programs with coaching included
  8. offer online programs that are self run
  9. join a health coaching practice with other coaches
  10. create and market a product to improve health and wellness
  11. market someone else’s product to improve health and wellness
  12. partner with a chiropractor to offer coaching
  13. partner with a gym to offer coaching
  14. partner with a spa to offer coaching
  15. partner with a yoga studio to offer coaching
  16. teach healthy food preparation
  17. cater are healthy food
  18. write a health coach blog and affiliate links attached
  19. create a podcast and monetize
  20. write articles on health and wellness
  21. host wellness events
  22. write a cookbook
  23. write a wellness book
  24. become a social media influencer and promote wellness products
  25. create a subscription membership program for wellness products
  26. create a subscription membership program for wellness services
  27. create a subscription membership program for wellness in formation
  28. create a subscription membership program for wellness courses
  29. work with schools to improve health and wellness culture
  30. teach gardening
  31. deliver healthy meals as a subscription membership program
  32. create community wellness programs
  33. speak at wellness industry functions
  34. create a not for profit well next service using grants and donations to fund
  35. create a team of wellness experts
  36. hire other health practitioners to work for you


“Never underestimate the difference you can make in the lives of others.”



It’s not too late!

Join me for the rest of the year to build your business. 

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The way you choose to help others in your business will regulate how you run your business and how you use your certificate.  I will go into niches more in the future!


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