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I’ve started work on our biggest program yet.  It is a Year Long Natural Health Immersion with daily activities, weekly new recipes and lessons , and semi-monthly educational modules.  This premium program is created to suit everyone and to be strong enough to carry an entire online business.

This is a stand-alone signature program that can be adjusted to any niche with modules and choices built into the program.

It is not based on weight-loss, but, is set up to accommodate a healthy lifestyle that will naturally attain your healthiest weight, whether that includes weight-loss, maintenance, or weight gain.

The natural health immersion is not trendy but allows for a little experimentation if desired.  Beginners and informed clients are equally successful with this program.

Because of the way it’s set up, the Immersion is equally suitable for men or for women of all ages.


     What it’s about

All natural fulfillment of your customers’ needs.

It’s all natural and focuses on human needs. It’s a total immersion into nature and mindfulness, happiness, relationships, environment, career, recreation, learning, and physical wellness will all be part of it. This is a program that includes:

  • pre-program nutrition module with sample meal plans, grocery list, and recipes
  • daily activity and journals
  • weekly check-ins, new recipe and newsletters
  • semi-monthly calls, modules, videos, and workbooks
  • monthly call-outs, and optional coaching

Marketing, Sales Page, Administrative, and Setup is included.

     Nutritional Theory and Fitness for Everyone

Modular supplements to fill all needs.

There are supplemental modules introduced at the beginning of the program. We’ll have (5) total dietary theory modules – one module on Vegan,  one on Whole Foods, one Keto, one Paleo, and a Blood Sugar and muscle promotion that is 5 small meals w/o gluten or dairy that is 40% protein, 40% carb, 20% fat and 50 protein, 30 carb, 20 fat for weight loss and sugar regulation. There are 2 weeks of each with shopping lists, meal plan, and recipes. In addition, there will be 50 more recipes for each of the five theories. The program educates and allows for intermittent fasting or cleansing. There will be daily and weekly fitness goals.  These goals are based on your customer’s needs and outlined, explained and chosen by them.  They’ll learn and select for themselves so they’re doing activities they enjoy.  A large focus of this program is learning to bring joy to physical activity so they’ll establish lifelong habits that allow them to enjoy longer and happier lives.

“ADVICE FROM A TREE. Stand tall and proud.  Go out on a limb.  Remember your roots.  Drink Plenty of water.  Be content with your natural beauty.  Enjoy the view.”


     Even More Important

This program helps to establish good personal habits and deals with limiting behaviors.

Time management, goal setting, and personal clarity are essential parts of this program and get your clients set off on the right foot.  In addition to the physical needs, this program includes spiritual enlightenment (modular for your clients’ principles and beliefs, therefore suitable for all). Self-work is done continuously that improves self-esteem, relationships, happiness, and focus. We look at our environment, the people, the location, the surroundings. Nature’s contribution to our health and happiness is a focal point.  There will be lessons on how to improve our lives with water, air, earth, light, and temperature. 12 months gives us a lot of time to establish habits, 365 consecutive days with group support, input, and accountability makes that 12 months even stronger.  If you decide to strengthen it with weekly, or semi-monthly group calls, it makes it better and offering one-on-one optional coaching is even better.  That is ALL up to you. This program is created so that it doesn’t need to be added to any other programs.  It is all-inclusive and you can run your entire wellness business on this one solid, foundational program.  If you have customers who are Plant-Based, Whole-Food, PURE can be integrated with it effortlessly.

     Subscription or One-Off

Intended to be sold on a subscription basis, for customer retention and regular income.

Subscription memberships offer health coaches the ability to plan and know that you have regular income.  It is much easier to sell a membership for $47 than $9000.  If you’re selling 50 memberships instead of 1, you can afford to sell it for less and you can change more lives with your work. You can choose to administer this program anyway you like. If you want to coach clients personally, offer it as an upsell.  Instead of $47 a month, charge $47 plus your hourly fee.  You can increase your hourly fee and you can pick and choose who you work with. You can offer this program to 1,000’s of people and still offer small group coaching if you hire a health coach.  There are 1,000’s of health coaches who are new and/or part-time and would love the opportunity to work for you.

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