Visualization is useful in planning, designing and managing almost anything.

When you set a goal, your chance for success is greatly increased by being able to visualize the result.  Being able to visualize the action steps can be helpful as well.

Is there something that you want to succeed at?

When I wanted to be able to run a half marathon, I visualized myself running.  I never ran a block before and my first attempt at running was 13.1 miles.  I visualized running.  In my visualization I looked like the cute girl in the Athleta catalog…perfect posture, perfect stride, no sweat.  I put it on a vision board and looked at it to remind myself what I was working toward.   Well, just because you visualize it, doesn’t mean it has to be precise.  I was really surprised when I saw a picture of myself running and I didn’t look like that.  So I just tried …some more.  The point wasn’t really to look pretty running anyway, it was to finish the half.  I did and I have a picture of myself running across the finish line.  It was a success.

Visualize the outcome by:

My Pinterest Stream

My Pinterest Stream (Photo credit: GoodNCrazy)

  1.  Create a vision board
  2.  Just start drawing.  Draw what you are planning and the result.
  3. Create an affirmation that changes the “self talk”
  4.  Close your eyes and see yourself, your circumstances or your performance as you would like it to be
  5.  Tell yourself or someone else “the story” of how it will be

It is important that you visualize often and consistently.  You also need to believe that it is possible, that is why setting attainable goals with faith is important.

Visualization needs to be detailed.  A vision board can allow someone who is more visually oriented to visualize an outcome successfully.  The clearer you draw the picture, the more precisely you see it.

There are always new and fun ways to visualize creatively.  Pinterest offers a playground for visualization.

Enjoy visualization and you will reap the benefits!