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About Hope; Nurse, Scientist, Functional Practitioner, Adventurer, Ann L. Johnson

Podcast 246

What is hope for you? For nurse and scientist Ann L. Johnson, hope isn’t just something nice to have – it’s the electric charge that fuels our cells to heal. As cells communicate and support one another, hope thrives when we connect. Tune in as Ann shares the power of hope and how it can help in healing and transforming lives.

In this episode, we talk about:

  • What inspired Ann to pursue a career in nursing and science 
  • How Ann bridged the gap between nursing and scientific research
  • Ann’s journey from losing her job in 2009 to becoming a functional medicine practitioner
  • Ann’s love for adventure and how skydiving gave her a new perspective on the body and hope
  • Ann’s definition of hope – The electrical charge of the cells of the mitochondria
  • The importance of building support systems and separating from negative influences
  • Stories of hope from her book DNA of Hope
  • Educating patients on gluten-free and other dietary changes
  • Ann’s mantra – What would you do if you knew you could not fail?

    Ann L Johnson’s lifelong mission to understand health starts from her own childhood and has continued by understanding others.

    For Ann, just being here is a miracle: she was one of only three children who lived after her parents’ first nine children died immediately after birth. She grew up with two driving passions: the outdoors, where she always felt at home; and science. Ann wanted to know why she had survived while those other children had died.

    She wanted to discover what causes people to get sick or to be healthy.

    This led Ann to a career in healthcare – for 40 years she worked as a registered nurse, on both sides of the emergency room, from preventive to reactive care.

    During her nursing career, however, Ann continued to pursue health questions, leading to her second career as a health coach and functional medicine practitioner.

    Ann’s practice now incorporates cutting-edge scientific research in molecular biology and biochemistry with practical functional medicine principles. This approach calls for mental and emotional fitness and results in personalized health plans for clients of any age and fitness level.

    The culmination of Ann’s life work is her book, The DNA of Hope, available on Amazon in Kindle, hardback, and paperback for those who want to learn more about how they can transform their health.

    Memorable Quotes

    • “The body can change with hope. The cell can make us hope, and hope can change our world inside and change our illnesses.” 
    • “What I want people to understand is the power of taking your hand and making a change in your life for the best; it works.”


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