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Supplements can be very helpful in supporting wellness programs.  That’s why we asked dietitian, Stefani Wooldridge to create protocols for each or our programs.  Many of our programs, like the 12 Day Detox, PURE, Art of Aging, and the Gut Programs have supplement protocols built into the program.  We are creating more mini programs that the supplements will be especially helpful for.  Those programs include the Diabetes, Meal Planning, Metabolism, Advanced Nutrition, and the new Liver Conditions, and up coming Cancer Recovery.  Being able to reduce inflammation, build immunity, and support body systems is a big plus to your clients.  That’s why we have the new protocols.  They are currently set up in Fullscript, in our account and can be accessed next month in your program download section of the Member Area.  In the meantime, if you’re running a program and would like to include those supplements in the protocol, let us know and we’ll get it to you. 

How to Use

the easiest practice

The easiest way to add the protocols to your program is to add the price of the supplements to the program and purchase the supplements in the protocol from Fullscript, then have them deliver them directly to your client.

In addition to the added benefit of having something physical to hold in their hands, you can be sure that they have what they need to support the lifestyle changes they’re establishing.  It provides easy access for them and another revenue stream for you.

Other ways to do this is to give the client the list and let them purchase, but that gets a little messy, you risk them getting the wrong thing, plus it’s not nearly as easy.


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Scope of Practice

be careful

As always, talk to an attorney if you have questions.  Fullscript is set up to prescribe vitamin supplements to your clients.  Many health professionals, whether they are doctors or health coaches, doing business on the internet in multiple states and even countries, shouldn’t be prescribing anything.  

The protocols allow you to give a general guideline to the general public while telling them to check with their personal physician.  If you’re allowed by your state or country, and the state or country your client is in, and your attorney says it’s in your scope of practice, then go for it.  If you’d like to change a protocol, you will lose the dietitian/doctor approved.  You can apply for approval by submitting it to [email protected] and paying the dietitian or doctor to review it.  That doesn’t ensure it will be approved, but if it’s a good substitute, you can expect approval.

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If you want to access medical grade supplements, contact us at [email protected]

If you’d like the protocol list for a program you are licensed to use and are currently running, contact [email protected] 


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