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Affiliate Marketing

Podcast 247

Once again, Cathy takes on the role of interviewee to discuss the Health Coach Group’s affiliate marketing program for health coaches. She discusses it all — what it is, what the program is all about, what inspired her to start it, who it is for, how to join it, and how it will help health coaches build their businesses and earn extra money. She also shares success stories and strategies for aspiring affiliates.

In this episode, they talk about:

  • Cathy’s journey with the Health Coach Group and the core mission that drives her work
  • What affiliate marketing is and how it operates within the context of health coaching
  • What inspired Cathy to launch the affiliate marketing program
  • Details of the affiliate marketing program and what makes it unique compared to other programs
  • How health coaches can benefit from participating in the affiliate program
  • Strategies for health coaches to successfully implement the affiliate program into their business model
  • Common challenges affiliates may face and how the program provides support
  • Tips for being successful in affiliate marketing 
  • Cathy’s long-term goals for the program and how she sees it evolving

    Memorable Quotes

    • “Health coaches are really needed. And it’s probably one of the fastest growing careers that there are now.” 
    • “Affiliate marketing is all about authenticity from beginning to end, and the law requires that you tell people you’re getting reimbursed for what they’re purchasing. But you want to make it clear that it’s not just the reimbursement, but it’s the fact that you’ve used that product and you believe in it.”


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