I just returned from Sanoviv Medical Institute for the Health and Education Retreat. I got this cool certification.

Patti Rugg, founder of Rugg Wellness invited me to go with her group. I had no idea what I was getting myself into. It was life changing. You know, you think you know it all and then, you go someplace like this and it just teaches you – how much there is to learn in this world.

It was WAY more than 5 days of self care, education and rest. Oh my gosh. I left business behind – except for about 2% of the time. I made friends. We giggled so much some times, I felt like I was 11 again.

We learned laughter yoga, sound meditation, energy meditation and my favorite, spiritual meditation.

I’m almost (but not quite) embarrassed to say, they pampered us – I had reflexology, facial, massage (all included)! A gift of a seaweed wrap! Thank you, thank you! …and some other things that I did for me! Every room had a rebounder and a chi machine…a king size bed – right in front of the ocean with a double patio and this great bathroom. I had a spare bedroom with a desk, closet and a twin bed – just for me – so I could go to a quiet space – but I didn’t. I slept with the sound of the waves and the great clean air coming through my doors every night. I drug the rebounder out on the patio and bounced and watched (YES, I’m not kidding), whales play in the bay.

I was told there’s an energy vortex (declared by NASA) that provides the cleanest air in the world…right there.
Patti took me into a room and had me stand on the tiles and said “do you feel it?” – I’m pretty sure I did.

Dr. Myron Wentz built and had this place designed for healing. 12362979_10153835360472042_92204165847779304_oIt’s a hospital, education center and medical spa.

They administer IV’s out on a covered patio overlooking the ocean.  The entire place has been designed with optimum opportunity for healing – even enema stations in each room.  There is a “Quiet Room” that is window on 3 sides, you go in to be hooked up to advanced equipment that detects and also enhances the detox efforts.  It’s so beautiful, you hate to leave.  I’m inspired now to turn my office into the same configuration.  I’m thinking in Omaha, NE we may be missing the ocean waves…we’ll have to settle for lots of green trees.  Maybe I could make due with a water wall.

Next to the Quiet Room is the spa area with rooms for seaweed wraps, soaks, sauna and a cold plunge.

I detoxed, and detoxed and detoxed. I thought I ate so well that I wouldn’t detox – but I did. Everything in that place is designed for ultimate health and detoxification.  I lost 4 pounds.  Sue made me go in and weigh myself.  I told her I thought I gained weight because I was eating twice as much as I eat at home.  It shocked me.

Dr. Myron Wentz, the man who created this institute, founded USANA too.   He’s a microbiologist and won the Albert Einstein Achievement award for his scientific and charitable endeavors. I think you can judge a person by what he does with his money and Dr. Wentz has definitely made a large contribution to quality of life for people all over the world.  You know, you look at a company like USANA and all you see is multi level marketing. You don’t see the science and heart behind it all. I’m not a USANA representative, but I was really, really impressed. You don’t have to be associated with USANA to enjoy the Health and Education Retreats… as a matter of fact, business is not allowed on the campus.

I learned that they do testing on protein powders, sea salts and really anything they use there to be sure it is the purest form.


So, here’s my idea, I think health coaches should learn what they have to teach (I’ll give you full details. Sue Ward, their Nutrition Director, teaches nutrition with such a down to earth, natural and practical approach that you’ll be able to take these holistic principles back to work right away. She raises her eyebrow at you and says “….and WHAT’s wrong with fat?”  You’ll receive certification for this course from Sanoviv and if you attend, I’d like to offer credit for the experience in our learning program. In 2016, I’d like to get (4) groups of 10-20 health coaches to attend the health and education retreat. The price is incredible and includes all kinds of extras – plus your food and room.  You won’t pay me, it will be paid directly to Sanoviv, but someone from THCG will go along each time.  I will go with the first one or two groups.

If you’re interested, please click here and we’ll get you more information.

Packing for Sanoviv


This is the fun part.  The only thing you have to pack is an outfit to wear home and a hair brush and swimming suit.  They give you sweat pants, hoodie, shorts and a choice of 3 different tops.  You get to keep your sandals along with shampoo, conditioner, body cleanser, toothpaste, tongue scraper, toothbrush and floss.  They tell you to bring an extra bag to carry your “stuff” home.  I just took one pretty empty suitcase…cool.



Days at Sanoviv


1899802_10153835360682042_7815266939404554009_oMy plane landed in San Diego at about 10:30 a.m. that first day.  The driver and Patti and a couple other attendees were there to pick me up.  You wouldn’t believe how fast we got through the border.  We were in medical transport and just flew through.  It took about an hour to get to Sanoviv.  The Institute is in a secured location, we were very safe and secure there.  We were greeted at the door and given a smoothie and signed a couple things, had our picture taken and it was lunch time.  12365990_10153835360592042_1837107832495951035_oWe finished a huge salad and were served turkey and mashed cauliflower.  It was so good, I was afraid to eat it because it tasted like it had butter – but no – there’s no dairy or gluten at Sanoviv.

We were then shown our rooms – I was on the 8th floor (thanks Patti) and had a huge room – a king size bed and another room with a twin bed.  There were double doors open to the exterior with no drapery…just open to the ocean.



12378053_10153822041802042_3684094639928276202_oThe first day was orientation then dinner and a movie.  The day always ended with coconut water.  I went to bed early.  8:30 p.m. PT is 10:30 in Nebraska – so I went to bed early and got up early every day and had a very leisurely morning.


The rooms had a rebounder and chi machine to get your lymphatic system going.  I used those each for 15 minutes every day.  I pulled the rebounder out onto my double deck every morning at sunrise for 15 minutes and listened to inspirational music, the waves and watched the ocean in wonder.  One morning I saw 4-5 whales in the bay.12370672_10153823015037042_4460111717703567856_o


After my rebounding, I ran down to get lemon water and cayenne paper and then walked along the ocean path….ALL by myself…quiet, introspective and indulgent.  The ocean and birds made it one of my favorite activities of the day.

There was a large patch of grass that looked like a putting green from my room.  This was for earthing.  We took our shoes off and walked in the grass.  Sometimes we laid in the grass and soaked up the sun.


After the first day it got pretty busy.  We had Laughter Yoga (one of my favorites), it really got us all out of our comfort zones.  I was a little uncomfortable at first – but truly felt much more connected to everyone after we laughed and laughed.  The other attendees there were beautiful people.  There was one woman who had the joy of a small child.  During laughter yoga – she was the one who would pull us all back in again as the laughter slowed down.  Another day we had Sound Meditation, Energy Meditation and my favorite ever…Spiritual Meditation.  the psychologists all led these activities.  This was at 7 a.m. – then we got wheat grass and then breakfast at 8:30 – I was starving by then because it was 10:30 on my body clock…but it was a good hungry and breakfast was always good.

Then we started classes.  I learned so much in the classes.  Much more than I ever anticipated.  The information was not theoretical, it was all science based.  We learned reflexology, nutrition, psychology and a lot, lot more.  The first day was packed with courses then, the other days had medical and spa treatments scheduled in.  The retreat included a facial, reflexology and massage.  I was gifted a seaweed wrap (heavenly) and I added in a few other medical and spa treatments.  I saw the chiropractor who also incorporates kinesiology and gave me a much needed posture and iodine lecture.


Sanoviv also gave us some free medical testing and reporting.  Microscopic Blood Analysis – good news, my cells are all free floating and don’t clump.  Bioelectric Impedance Analysis told us what percent of our body was fat, fat free, water and divided that into intracellular and extracellular.  It also told us out Basal Metabolic Rate, how much physical and mental strees we showed and our ability to handle it.  It scored our Aging Vascular Health and our heart rate.

There were a lot of treatments available to add on, massages, colon hydrotherapy, manicures, pedicures, medical procedures.

One of the areas I was most impressed with was dental health and the tie in between each tooth and your health in the different organs and areas of the body.  I’m doing that when I go back.  I’ve had root canals and would like to take a look.


Lectures included;

  • Mind, Body Connection
  • Massage and Detox
  • Uncooking
  • Digestion, Detox and Nutritional Philosophy
  • Meal Planning and Food Preparation
  • Special Nutrition Topics; cholesterol, homocysteine, dental health, iodine and salt)
  • Sugar and Health
  • BIA & Max Pulse

Additional resources included:

  • Emotions and Eating
  • Medical Symptoms
  • Salad Dressing Recipes
  • Dehydrating Foods
  • Lemon water, wheatgrass, golden milk, green juice and coconut water
  • Sanoviv Recipe Book

11236147_10153822043142042_5329775239076216222_oThe strengths at Sanoviv are cancer treatment (including chemo), detoxification, neuro repair and dental amalgam removal.

The program I attended was the Health and Education Retreat.  I received a certificate of completion in Nutrition Advising.  Some in our group did the Medical retreat, their time was spent testing and consulting with doctors, in addition to attending all the classes.  Sanoviv is also open to health get-aways and medical care.  There is a complete hospital on the property.


Right to left on the picture – mansion, hotel/hospital, medical spa.  You can see the earthing area right in front of my camera.

I went home rejuvenated, cleansed and inspired.  When I walked into the airport in San Diego, I literally felt I was being assaulted by noise.  I had to find a little corner in the room and put ear phones in.  I imagine that’s how a baby must feel when it comes into the world.  I can’t really remember a time that it was so peaceful – and yet so eventful at the same time.  I’d recommend this experience to each and every person working in the healthcare field.  It was exceptional.


Would you be interested in a Health and Education or Medical Retreat here?  Let me know by clicking here.