You all know by now that the first thing as a business person online should be to get a free offer out and start trading it for email addresses and names.  That’s list building and those are your future customers.  If you’re a customer of ours, you have access to e-books, infographics, and recipe books to use as an opt-in offer.  There are a lot of other ways to get opt-ins.

Last week I was lucky to interview a couple coaches who are still gifting, they’ve found ways to stand out.

     Facebook Live

Be consistent.

Karen’s been doing “Tea Time With Karen” for a while.  She pops up on my feed all the time.  Here’s the thing, from listening to her, that I think is the number one thing she has going for her with this, that is consistency.  She’s on there every day.  She has a good strong educational background and she is knowledgeable.  Karen is interesting, and she has people following her now from her short videos.  She’s also accumulated a lot of content.  That content just isn’t old short Facebook Lives, but they’re snippets of short useful education that can be used when needed.  So, she’s collected content and gotten new customers, plus she even has a following of doctors.

Karen Wright’s is a toxicity expert.  I learned a lot and I know a lot about the subject.  Listen to our podcast in a couple weeks when I interview her.  It was so interesting that I broke it down into two podcasts.  One is on toxicity and the other is on creative marketing.  You’ll learn valuable information from both.


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Pamela Bilfeld is primarily using Instagram to create interest in her services.  She does it with consistency and a nice variety of posts.  She shares some personal information with activities, and her healthy lifestyle activities, as well as some wellness information.  It seems like Instagram likes pretty presentations better than Facebook.  There are a lot of food pictures on Instagram and are popular.

It seems as if you will be working with one-on-one or in group, or want to connect with potential partners, Instagram is a good alternative.

There are some software applications that can now schedule posts and you don’t have to post from a phone all the time.  We just did a podcast on ways to take advantage of Instagram.  Our coaches found it very helpful and have dived right in.

In the last podcast, we discussed some methods to build your list with Instagram.


“Make sure you don’t start seeing yourself through the eyes of those who don’t value you.”



Build Your List Efficiently

We’ve had quite a few interviews with Karen Yankovich.  There are some incredible tools with LinkedIn that can create specialized list of information for us to make connections with potential customers and partners.  It can be set up in a systematic, organized fashion and still be very personal and social.  I’ve been very impressed with LinkedIn and have talked to quite a few people who haven’t had the success with Facebook that we’ve enjoyed and are doing very well.  They’ve pretty much given up on the advertising on Facebook and put their efforts into LinkedIn.

If you have ideal clients in the corporate world, it’s certainly the place to be.


Be Original

I’ve had incredible luck with Facebook.  I’ve spent a lot of money on advertising, plus I’ve gotten a lot of free exposure.  I started out selling programs and especially The Inner Circle on Facebook.  That’s not supposed to happen that easy and you’re not supposed to do a lot of selling on Facebook.  You should be giving your opt-ins on Facebook with advertising.  I sold a lot and accumulated about 25,000 followers in the very beginning with people who we specifically interested in my membership.

Since then, I took up the Amy Porterfield method of advertising on Facebook.  That is reliable if you are consistent.  I still advertise my opt-ins all the time.  There are different opt-ins, e-books on business, branding, law, and case-studies.  You can offer just your newsletter if you’re very charismatic and have proven the value of your information and potential contribution to their lives.

We then did some testing with our posts.  The nice thing was, Facebook would tell me which one was 96% better than any of our other posts, so we’d know people liked it and it was relevant before we paid.  We’d add our URL and deliver an opt-in offer.  It worked and it WAS cheaper advertising.

The thing is, these even stopped reaching as many people and the cost and effectiveness went down.

We have tons of groups on Facebook.  The miracle of modern technology where you can teach, gather, support, and mingle for free.  So, we’ve started advertising our big group.  We have 100,000 followers on Facebook and a group with 10,000 health coaches.  I’m advertising our big free group and having them opt-in when they join the group.  This is genius.  We get a community in a place where they can support each other and we can support them there or in our emails.  We can also sell in either place.

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