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How to Use Speaking and Podcast Guesting as a Marketing Tool…to Generate Influence, Awareness, and Clients!

Podcast 225

You may have considered starting your own podcast, but feel overwhelmed by the responsibilities involved. The good news is that you can still benefit from podcasting, without hosting your own show. Today’s guest, Anastasia Lipske, shares how being a guest on a podcast is a powerful tool for growing your business.

In this episode, we talk about:

  • Why being a podcast guest is great for marketing your business
  • Coming from a place of integrity and not trying to pitch yourself
  • Taking the pressure off of yourself when you are a guest
  • How many episodes you should be posting if you have your own podcast
  • The best way you can find and vet podcasts
  • Building up a hit list of podcasts to go on
  • The bittersweet nature of ratings and reviews
  • Writing authentic messages when reaching out to podcasters
  • Treating others the way you would like to be treated

Anastasia Lipske knows what it takes to book speakers and podcast guests. As the founder of Access Speakers, a full-service speaker, and podcast booking agency, she has booked more than 1,500 engagements for her clients. 

Anastasia speaks the language of speaker chairs, event planners, and podcast hosts who seek great speakers and podcast guests for their meetings and shows. Additionally, her unique skills help business owners brand themselves as speakers, spread their message, and attract clients.

 As a co-author of the book, Business Success with Ease, Anastasia emphasizes how to use speaker branding to generate influence, awareness, and clients! Her readers learn strategies of public speaking and podcast guesting as effective marketing tools.

 Anastasia motivates audiences with her energetic personality and passion for the speaking and podcast guesting industry. She inspires business owners to use one of the most powerful tools in existence…the voice!

Memorable Quotes

  • “The best form of advertising is sample advertising.”
  • “How can I be a blessing in what I share to them?”
  • “Benefit of having your own show is that you can go deeper and further.”


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