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Heather Eck – Art and Color for Wellness: Revealing the Healing Power of Color, Synesthesia, and Spirituality in Visual Art

 Podcast 242

Have you ever noticed how being in nature or surrounded by certain colors makes you feel? Art and color can impact your well-being and can intentionally be used for wellness, healing, and self-care. Today’s guest, Heather Eck, shares how visual art can be a tool for healing on emotional, spiritual, and physical levels. 

 In this episode, we talk about:

  • Heather’s background as an intuitive artist and her gift of synesthesia
  • What is synesthesia
  • How synesthesia helps Heather perceive and convey the healing properties of the colors and the paintings
  • Impact of spiritual themes and messages from the Bible on Heather’s art
  • Using art as a tool for self-improvement, healing and self-care
  • How Heather balances creating art for herself vs. creating commercial pieces 
  • Heather’s workshops on intuitive art and releasing what you want to let go of/manifest in your life
  • Impact of alcohol on a person’s art and creativity
  • Stories where people had emotional reactions upon seeing Heather’s art pieces

HEATHER ECK is a multimedia abstract artist and writer. An intuitive artist and painter, Heather interprets people, places, and experiences through color, a condition known as synesthesia. Like an enormous box of crayons, her gift operates by categorizing through intricate but specific shades of color. While this condition enables her to experience color, she responds to these encounters with people, things, emotions, and spaces by understanding the particular shade of experience that a person dwells in. 

She uses her gift to detect the most healing color for them to remedy their wounds. Guided by the chakra system and inspired by spirituality and the mysteries of the universe, Heather transforms these vibrant energies into captivating paintings that uplift, inspire, and ultimately heal.

Each canvas becomes a symphony of color and emotion, a visual representation of the unseen 

connections that weave through our lives. Heather’s work is more than art; it’s a medium of healing, a testament to the profound influence of color on our well-being.

Memorable Quotes

  • “If you’re somebody who wants to be more creative, then maybe you want to work with orange because orange is uplifting and inspiring and helps you connect to your creativity.”
  • “We were made to create, and whatever way feels good to you—whether writing, sewing, painting, or whatever creative outlet you have—is intended to help calm the body down.”
  • “We can use art to express ourselves and to get out emotions that we didn’t even know were there.”

Mentioned In This Episode:

Heather Eck Website

Get Heather’s FREE monthly calendar, where she sends out a free digital calendar with one of her newest paintings, a complimentary color and chakra guide, and access to her free Facebook community, the Color Club! Click: https://heathereck.com/thankyou

Explore Heather’s spirit portrait experience: https://heathereckstudios.myflodesk.com/spiritportrait


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