Being Authentic in your Online Business with Jacob Ratliff

Podcast 148

Attracting the right clients is easier than you think. Jacob Ratliff shares tips for boosting your social media presence and why being yourself is key to finding people who share your values and who want to work with you! 

In this episode, Cathy and Jacob discuss: 


  • What a Client Attraction Coach is and what led Jacob to become one 
  • How Jacob’s LGBT identity plays into the work he does and the people he works with 
  • Why values matter when it comes to finding your people and making an impact  
  • Advice for health coaches struggling with their social media presence 
  • How health coaches can find the right clients 
  • What health coaches should avoid when trying to attract clients
  • Who Jacob typically works with and his coaching process 

    Jacob Ratliff is a Client Attraction Coach and entrepreneur based in Asheville, North Carolina. Using his identity and lived experiences as the catalyst for creating his business, Jacob uplifts people and helps them to grow their businesses by leaning into their authentic, confident, empowered selves. With over five years’ experience in growing clients’ businesses as well as his own, Jacob is uniquely positioned to help high impact coaches build intimate relationships online to attract high-paying clients.

    Over the past five years he has developed the Organic Client Attraction System™, a comprehensive training and coaching program that helps entrepreneurs increase brand awareness and visibility, create meaningful engagement, and maintain long-term clients. As a proud member of the LGBTQ+ community, Jacob enjoys uplifting fellow entrepreneurs and coaches and has shared his story in Chris Guillebeau’s Side Hustle School, Ryder Carroll’s Bullet Journal Community, and several other publications as well.

    Memorable Quotes:

    • “What it taught me was that if I’m going to succeed in business, I need to find my people. And it really doesn’t come down to sexual orientation, it comes down to values and how I’m able to connect with people who really align with who I am.” 
    • “When it comes to using social media for client attraction, content is maybe 20% of the game. The other 80% is the engagement, the conversations—really connecting with your ideal clients.” 
    • “If you’re not connecting on a personal 1:1 level with your ideal clients on social media, then you’re not going to get clients on social media.” 
    • “People only want to work with other people that they really like and trust. The only way to build that trust is to show up as yourself.”
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