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The Health Coach Group, by Cathy Sykora

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Get Customers Into Your Wellness Program Now

Your list-building is an ongoing commitment to your ability to reach people who need you when you have something to share.  Everyone starts at 0 and how fast you build that list depends on your consistency and plan.

What happens if you’re at the beginning, getting your business plan and systems in place and you’d like to help some people now and make some money now?  Can it be done?  Yes.  Take a day or two break from the methodical planning and building and create a short system to get started making money now.

There are a lot of decisions to be made, things to learn, and systems to put into place.  For the sake of simplicity and avoiding a giant mind map, this system is going to make assumptions and decide some of the things for you. 

What do you need to market and facilitate a small community program?

  1. A website (2 pages/ sales and lead page)
  2. Wellness program/community style online (short)
  3. Auto-responder
  4. Advertising
  5. Workshop/ to promote your small program and educate
  6. Handouts 

What do you need to market and facilitate a small program through a membership delivery?

  1. A website (2 pages/ sales and lead page) and a Membership site. 1a and 1b
  2. Wellness program/community style online (short)
  3. Auto-responder
  4. Advertising
  5. Workshop/ to promote your small program and educate
  6. Handouts 

Your Ingredients for a QUICK-START

1- a website

1a- membership/delivery website

5 – workshop

2 – wellness Program / Community

2 – wellness Program / Deliverable

6 – handouts

Choose a small community program or a small delivered program.  Both programs should be supported in a group social setting to encourage teamwork and build your community.

A community release program is released into a group like in Facebook.  The delivered program is intended to be delivered through a membership site.  


Choosing a delivered program will require that you deliver the program with a membership platform, practice management company, or hand delivered through an email system.


3 – auto-responder

4 – advertising

Cathy Sykora

Cathy Sykora

Founder, The Health Coach Group

Cathy helps health practitioners build and maintain professional materials and successful businesses that improve the lives of others. 

Once you have all of your tools, here are the steps:


Your starter site can be used to link to an existing site or run independently as a fully functioning website. The pages you need to run your community program are in the menu. There are many other pages, plugins, and features you may use if you like.  See the Starter Member Area.

  • Purchase SiteGround or C-Panel Hosting and submit the login with your community package form
  • Personalize pages and link order form for your product to the page

Community Style Program

Your community style program should be released through a group forum like Facebook Groups.

  • Setup the group
  • Post the files in the group
  • Pre-post the daily announcements for 4 am
  • Go in twice daily to give feedback

Community Style Program Facilitation

  •  Allow admittance to the group as they purchase membership
  •  Follow the facilitation guide for your program

Workshop to Educate and Sell

  • Set date and time for workshop in your webinar software (ex ZOOM)
  • Create registration optin on your auto-responder
  • Personalize workshop invitation in your starter-site (webinar registration page) link your auto-responder optin to your webinar registration page
  • Personalize the sales page in the Starter-Site
  • Paste email sequence into your auto-responder
  • Personalize Workshop PowerPoint
  • Print or create jpgs of personalized posters
  • Find partners to cross-promote your workshop and share your advertising with them to make it easier for them
  • Advertise workshop on social media
  • Practice your presentation
  • Start your presentation about 15 minutes early to be sure everything works correctly
  • Record your presentation
  • Put your recording on Vimeo or YouTube
  • Put that link on your website (builds website traffic)
  • Email the recording to attendees and those who signed up and didn’t make it.



“A big business starts small.” 

Richard Branson


Many of you learned to sell by offering free health histories and letting the customer know that you could help them, how you could help them, how long it would take, and how much it would cost.  To do that, you need to visit with each customer, one person at a time.  That’s hard to do if you’re putting 200 people into a program.  It’s nearly impossible.  There are always times when you will want to speak with a potential customer before they sign up, but by doing workshops, you can speak to 200 people at a time.  Even better, you can have a planned presentation to make sure you don’t miss anything, you give them a quick win, and you can explain to them that you know what their problem is and you are the one to help them.  Not only that, but you will give them a picture of what their life will look like once you’ve helped them.  

There are a lot of tiny details in getting a task done, but those details don’t have to be time consuming or overwhelming.  Use the checklist above and you can get a product set up in a day and start selling.


“Good business leaders create a vision, articulate the vision, and relentlessly drive it to completion.” 

Jack Welch



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Tell me where you are in your business building and what you’re stuck on.  Let’s see if we can get you “unstuck”.  Comment below.

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