Better Copy with Laura Belgray

Podcast 73

Anyone can create a website, social media handle or blog post but only YOU can do what you do. Laura Belgray joins Cathy to share tips for writing stronger copy and the power of honing your voice online to really make your business stand out!  

In this episode, Cathy and Laura discuss the following:

  • How Laura got started in copywriting and what led her to Copy Cure  
  • The importance of standing out as original in your copy for clients 
  • Tips for speaking to your target market online  
  • Why you don’t have to be formal to be professional
  • The value of writing your own copy  
  • Suggestions for being a better writer 
  • Why it’s okay to not be a perfect writer 
  • Laura’s advice for increasing your writing practice  

Laura Belgray is a talented writer who enjoys helping entrepreneurs and business owners find their unique voice in order to write copy that sells. She believes in the power of writing prolifically to increase profitability and offers practical tips to find the fun in writing!     


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