Cathy’s Coaching Tips – Silence is Golden

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Listening – Silence is Golden

Listening is one of the most important coaching skills that a health coach uses.

You may think that listening is a natural activity, it’s a very powerful coaching tool.  Coaches are sometimes disappointed that would be all they do.  If you are a good listener, you’ll be a very effective coach.

Listening is an active process that requires personal involvement as well as commitment.  To listen, you must have commitment and patience.

Even though you’d like to be doing something else, and maybe you’d like to tell your client what to do, you must be committed to listening.  This commitment shows your client that you care.

It takes time to develop a relationship with your client.  Patient and attentive listening can help to develop that relationship.  You can’t be in a hurry to solve the problem.  If you’re in a hurry, you won’t get to build the trust that is required for a good relationship.  You are there to work with your client and not to push them to a fast resolution.


Silence is Part of Expression

Take the time to listen and fully understand your client’s situation.  Often people who are in crisis know what they need to do.  As their coach, be present and allow them to express their feelings.

Silence is sometimes uncomfortable, but it’s a part of listening.  Being patient in your listening often allows for long silence.  Sometimes that silence is part of their struggle to express their thoughts.  Waiting through the silence encourages them to share.

“Silence speaks when words can’t.”


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