I’ve done the gift ideas before, and we’ve ended up with a lot of nifty little ideas for you.  This year, I have some things we normally keep hidden away.  Christmas is the perfect time for surprises!


T-Shirts are always welcome and great gifts.  You can wear them to the gym, to the juice stop, or on dress-down day.  Every day is dress-down day in my office!
















Just click on the picture if you’d like information on how to purchase.


We’ve partnered with CafePress and there are a lot more colors and styles for you to choose from.

Plus, there’s more.  We have badges, stickers, banners, posters, mugs, and my favorite, hats!


100% cotton, toxin-free to set a good example!  Use this for carrying everything, groceries, books, toiletries, music… anything.

A lot of these would be great stocking stuffers or secret santa gifts.


Labels and Stickers

Signs and Banners

Cute hats

What could be a better gift than the gift that gives even more after you receive it?  Wellness programs offer the opportunity to change the lives of the participants, as well as all of their friends and family.  There is a trickle-down effect with wellness programs that rarely starts with the first person introduced.  A $500 gift card is a nice little stocking stuffer!

Just click on the picture if you’d like information on how to purchase.

This is the e-book that started it all!  There are a variety of recipes, all extra healthy and I was so thrilled to have some of the wonderful people contribute to this book. 

It was our first victory. There are lots of tips and I think you’ll even be surprised at who you find inside these covers!

100% of the proceeds always have, and continue to go to the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation.  You’ll find recipes, health tips, and more from me and from my mentors, and health and wellness practitioners. 

You can buy 3, give them to your clients or family for gifts.  If you buy 3 you’ll get one free, you may just want to keep it for yourself!

Give the gift of health anytime.  With this it multiplies as we donate 100% for the kids.

I hope you enjoyed this and are able to use a couple of things from the list.  If you have something you found this year that is extra special, send it to [email protected] and we’ll see if we can add it to our Christmas Shop, the more the merrier!


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