Do you ever wonder how someone like Steve Jobs, Robert Branson, Oprah Winfrey, Warren Buffet, achieve such immense success, while others don’t ever get off the runway?  I’ve always believed if you want to do something successfully, study someone who is getting it right.

I’ve always believed if you want to do something successfully, study someone who is getting it right.

Just because Einstein took daily naps, doesn’t mean that you will become successful from daily naps, but if we compile a list of the actions it takes to make things happen, and then TAKE ACTION.  The probability of success increases.

Cathy Sykora

Cathy Sykora

Founder, The Health Coach Group

Cathy helps health coaches build and maintain successful businesses that improve the lives of others.

15 Successful Daily Practices

1.  Get up early in the morning.  I remember a woman, a client of mine who accomplished more in one day than most people achieve in a week.  One of her secrets is that she got up every day at 4:30.  It’s quiet at that time of day.  I know when I get up and started early, I can have an entire day’s worth of work done before 7 a.m..  Somehow it releases the urgency of the day, and everything is much more relaxed.

2.  Prayer or meditation is an integral part of the day.  It creates clarity and calm.  It reduces stress and creates focus.

3.  Small and never-ending improvement.  That’s what I learned from the first videotape I bought from Anthony Robbins.  The thing is significant changes don’t happen fast, but if you’re willing to work toward little steps to a long journey…you always reach your destination.

4.  Successful people take care of their health.  They do what is necessary to keep in top form.  What’s more, most have their workout in before 8 a.m.  It pays to get up early.

5.  Plan your day for success.  It gives you a compass and prevents long excursions into nonproductive holes.

6.  Beyond planning, successful people keep track.  Analyzing action and results will lead you to a better understanding for repositioning or emphasis.

7.  Have a positive attitude.  You are what you focus on.  People focusing on the wrong thing won’t get past it.  It is easier to have a positive outcome when that is what you expect.

8.  Strong team building is vital to successful people.It is easier to be successful when life is in balance.  Career, Relationship, Financial, Growth, Health, Spiritual, Contribution and Safety and Esteem.

9.  Successful people take responsibility for the outcome.  Can you imagine Warren Buffet crossing his fingers for a financial result?

10.  Successful people have a routine.  Almost guaranteed they won’t be getting up at 4:30 a.m. to wander around aimlessly deciding what to do next.

11.  If you want to be successful – have successful friends.  That’s one of the blessings of a strong mastermind that is well placed.  Mentors bring you up a level.

12.  Visualization can be an essential practice for success.  Visualization is proven to make a difference in the outcome.  This could also be coupled with optimism and expectation for success – because you can “see” it.

13.  Successful people get the dreaded work done first.  They don’t procrastinate or close their eyes to a problem and face things head-on.

14.  I know, you’ve heard it a million times, really successful people eat to fuel their bodies, not for entertainment.

15.  Successful people know there is always room for improvement.  They make a determined effort to improve themselves daily.

What are your success principles? 

What do you notice you do when you are successful? 

What do you think unsuccessful people do consistently?  Maybe we should make a list of things that unproductive people do!  

  1. Skip breakfast
  2. Throw away bills
  3. Hang out in front of the t.v. all day
  4. Get mean and cranky and growl at the checkout girl
  5. Sit and yell at the reporters on the news
  6. Don’t have time to exercise, clean the house, mow the lawn, because they’re too busy with the things in 1-5.

Well…does this sounds like anyone you know.

What would you add to the first list?

Leave it in the comments below!


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  1. Janice Gill

    Great positive habits. I don’t do any of your first 5 bad habits but mowing the lawn can wait. There is always a distraction – wildlife to photograph usually 🙂

  2. Emily Muia

    I love this post and completely agree with it. I’m really good at some of these and others need work. Especially getting up in the morning!

  3. Ruth Bowers

    These are all awesome habits to cultivate. I’m working on them little by little. I love getting up early in the morning to enjoy the quiet before the city wakes up around me. But too often I stick my nose in a book instead of getting down to work. 🙂

  4. LadyInRead

    like Ruth, i lose myself in the pages of a book sometimes and at other times, with other tasks that can wait rather than exercise or getting to other must-do items on my list … so definitely need to work harder at routines and habits and hoping that i can get #1 – wake up early – to work

  5. Sara Beth

    I like the unproductive list because I’ve done each one.

    Successful Me: wakes up early (5 am), brushes teeth, drinks warm water, puts shoes on (my trigger for exercise), spiritual quiet time and then for about 3 hours I get stuff done. (mainly writing and creative work)

    Unsuccessful Me: sleeps in, caves into excuses doesn’t exercise, gives into food cravings, and watches marathons of Korean Dramas to “ignore responsibility”.

    I happiest living the successful me. ^_^

  6. Tamuria

    Such good tips for awesome daily habits, Cathy. I went through a stage of getting up really early -had no choice as hormones were dictating. I got so much done! I still don’t sleep in, but the 4.30 am starts have stopped. I think attitude is everything – and planning.

  7. Joyce Hansen

    It takes a real commitment to do all 15 but I’m good about getting up early and having a head start on the day. But, I will admit to taking an afternoon siesta to refresh the brain cells.

  8. Corrina Lee

    I recently nominated you for the Bloggers Recognition Award. If you would like to accept, visit my blog post for more information:

  9. Teresa

    Yes, yes! I love a starting my day with my positive rituals that set me up for in a productive, motivated, inner connected, self loving, clear and rewarding way. It allows me to also be an authentic leader for my clients as well. I really recommend from the ‘to do list’ to do the hard thing first! Game changer. Great stuff, thanks!

  10. Reba Linker

    Really good list. I appreciate the mixture of self-care, focus and general attitude (positivity)!

  11. Candess M Campbell

    Your list is great Cathy. I’d begin one at a time (of the one’s not already in one’s schedule) so it can become a long term routine. You have me on my toes!

  12. Jennifer Quisenberry of The Awesome Muse

    I totally agree, especially with your 4th point about taking care of one’s health. As someone with a handful of chronic illnesses, I consider caring for my health as my job, and my work as my side hustle. That small shift has really helped me with keeping my health a priority. And that’s paid dividends professionally.

  13. Lynne Wadsworth

    These are all such great tips, Cathy. Thanks so much. Self-care is so important and so often neglected. Thanks for the reminder. I definitely want to be part of the successful group.


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