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Dan Cumberland – Burnout and Burnout Recovery


Podcast 239

Burnout can be a challenging and draining experience, but there is always hope for recovery with the right tools and support! Today’s guest, Dan Cumberland, discusses burnout, its recovery, the hidden million-dollar mistakes entrepreneurs often make that lead to burnout, the four pillars of meaningful work, and how to build a business that you’ll love for a long time.

In this episode, we talk about:

  • Burnout, its causes and signs, and symptoms
  • The need for people to regularly check in with themselves to avoid burnout
  • The relationship between work, meaning, and purpose
  • Four pillars of meaningful work: people, process, product, and payoff
  • The challenge in reconciling altruism and profitability in the coaching industry
  • “Hidden million dollar mistakes” that entrepreneurs can make
  • Creating a business plan based on your values
  • Regularly revisiting goals for relevance and progress
  • Questions to ask yourself to determine if you are at risk of burnout
  • Changes Dan made to his social media strategy that resulted in 64,000 impressions in 90 days
  • Tool for creating short-form social-ready videos from long-form audio or video 

Dan Cumberland is on a mission to help self-funded entrepreneurs avoid burnout. Having hit the bottom before, he’s passionate about helping entrepreneurs get the insights they need to recalibrate their work/life balance so they have the energy and motivation to keep going.

He is a 3x SaaS founder, serial entrepreneur, host of the Meaning Movement Podcast, and Product Strategist with the Venture Studio NineTwoThree.co.

His work has been featured in Entrepreneur Magazine, Fast Company, and more.

His most recent project is a software for repurposing speech-based audio and video into viral-ready shorts: videosnap.io 

Outside of business, he’s a father, husband, avid reader, runner, health and fitness optimizer, and volunteer with the Carbon Almanac. He lives in Seattle with his wife and three kids.


Memorable Quotes

  • “We can be suffering symptoms of burnout every single day and not even know it.”
  • “The most expensive mistakes we make as entrepreneurs are usually not business mistakes, but the mistakes that we make in building our business.”
  • “It’s easy for folks that are in their early career to grind and hustle it out. But the cost, that burn rate will catch up with you if you’re not intentional about your recovery… and in these other areas of life outside of just your business.”
  • “We often are so driven by our vision for the destination that we want to get that we forget life is happening right now and we sacrifice our present in order to achieve a future.”
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