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Why You Should Deliver More Online Courses

The Trends Say Do It

How to Pick Your Signature Program

Selling Your Signature Program

Delivering Your Signature Program

Why You Should Deliver More Online Health and Well-Being Courses

 I’m sure if you’re on this website, you already know that your business has incredible benefits if you add online courses.  The most important benefits are, in my opinion:

  1. Reducing repetition and allowing for more professionalism
  2. Increasing income
  3. Helping more people

To your customers:

  1. Improving the quality and quantity of their information
  2. Improving accountability and support
  3. Cutting their costs


This week, we went to update our numbers for my updated presentation and are very excited that what we found supported our findings over the last couple of years.

The pandemic prompted significant shifts in our industry. Our workload increased substantially as numerous brick-and-mortar medical businesses were compelled to close their physical spaces and transition to digital platforms. Our role became pivotal in facilitating their online operations, ensuring they could continue to provide services to their customers in this new digital landscape.

Authoritative data from the Global Wellness Institute (GWI), a recognized leader in wellness industry research, reveals that while the wellness economy experienced a slowdown in 2020, falling to $4.4 trillion, they project a rebound with growth predicted to reach $9.9 trillion by 2025. This suggests a significant market potential for businesses positioned to take advantage of this growth.

On the other side of the spectrum, the surge in online learning presents another opportunity. According to the World Economic Forum, enrollments in online learning programs jumped to 189 million, with Coursera accounting for half of these enrollments. This aligns with our own observations, confirming the increasing trend of online learning.

Selling programs online further underscores this digital shift, offering numerous advantages.

First, it allows businesses to reach a global audience unbounded by geographical limitations.

Second, it enables businesses to provide their services 24/7, increasing accessibility for clients and potential customers.

Third, it allows businesses to scale more efficiently, servicing more customers without increasing physical resources or personnel.

When looking at the projected growth in both the wellness economy and online learning, combined with the evident benefits for businesses and their customers, it’s clear that focusing on selling programs online could be the most strategic and beneficial path for business growth moving forward. With these trends, businesses can provide effective and convenient solutions to their clients, contributing to both customer satisfaction and the bottom line.

In plain talk, the statistics show clearly that there is great potential for revenue with courses in the wellness field.  Health coaches are in a perfect position to administer those courses.

Which Topic is Your Signature?

So, what’s your area of focus? (from last week, skip down for how to deliver your programs)

If you’re a Nutrition Practitioner or Health Coach, we’ve got programs like Healthy Gut, PURE, 7-Day Gut Health, Diabetes, Liver, Metabolism, and Meal Planning.

For Medical Practitioners and Health Coaches, we have programs such as the Art of Aging, Healthy Habits, Well, Immunity, Stress, Sleep, Diabetes, and Gut Health.

Mental Health Practitioners and Health Coaches, we’ve got you covered with programs like Live Your Best Life, A Lighter Life, Stress, Meditate, Sleep, Gut Health, and Before Wellness.

Naturopaths and Health Coaches, you can dive into programs like Natural Health Immersion, Live Your Best Life, Before Wellness, Meditate, Essential Oils, and Stress.

In the field of Weight and Physical Fitness? Health Coaches can use programs like Healthy Habits, 30-Day Fitness Challenge, Slim, Sexy, and Smart, Sleep, Gut Health, 12-Day Detox, Before Wellness, and Stress.

For those focusing on a Plant-Based approach, Health Coaches can choose from PURE, 12-Day Detox, Cleanse, Natural Health Immersion Vegan, and Healthy Habits Vegetarian.

If your goal is to improve Family and Environment, as Health Coaches, you can explore Life Matters, Healthy Home, Clutter Clean-up, A Lighter Life, Before Wellness, Healthy Holidays, and Stress.

For those with a Spiritual emphasis, we have programs such as 12 Months (Christian Inspiration), 12-Day Detox (Christian Inspiration), and Healthy Holidays (Standard, Jewish, or Christian Versions).

Working in Corporate Wellness or School Settings? We have programs like 12 Months to Great Health, Life Matters, Build Your Immunity, Stress, Natural Health Immersion, and Healthy Home.  Better yet, we have a full suite that guides you through setting up your Corporate Wellness Business.

And for our Spanish-speaking community, we offer the original 12 Months to Great Health and 12 Day Detox in Spanish.

There’s something for everyone, so let’s find the perfect fit for you!

Nutrition Practitioners / Health Coach


Weight Loss


Meal Planning

Weight Gain

Medical Practitioners / Health Coach




Gut Health

Weight Maintenance

Mental Health Practitioners / Health Coach



12 Month Program


Gut Health

Naturopaths / Health Coach




Essential Oils


Weight and Physical Fitness / Health Coach

Gut Health



Before Wellness


Plant-Based and Detox / Health Coach

Protein and Plant-Based


Healthy Habits


Natural Health Immersion – Vegan

Family and Environment / Health Coach

Healthy Holidays


A Lighter Life

Before Wellness


Spiritual / Health Coach

Spiritual Cleanse

(coming soon) Living Grace

Faith Infused

Bible Based Wellness

Corporate Wellness – School Wellness/ Health Coach

Quit Smoking


Natural Health Immersion

Healthy Home

Remote Work

These are merely the tip of the iceberg regarding the topics and programs available to you. The sky’s truly the limit here! You can explore, experiment, and choose what suits you best. The best part? You could be up and running, implementing these fantastic programs as soon as tomorrow! Let’s get this exciting journey started!

Selling Your Courses

There are many different ways to present programs to your patients or clients.  If you’re sharing them with patients in your office, you may send them to a weight loss course.  If you’re selling them online through email funnels, you may want to consider introducing them to a free trial membership for a week or two that they can opt out of or choose to stay and enjoy the benefits.  Another way is to have them join an online 30 day-fitness challenge that they renew or graduate into something new.


A subscription-based plan that would be paid monthly, quarterly, semi-annually, or annually.  This would automatically renew and provide you ongoing income and your customer ongoing support and/or product.

Small Course – Graduate Up

Sell your customer something like a 12-Day Detox, then graduate to the Physician Weight Loss Program or any other small to the large combination.

$97 each x 120 sales = $11,640.00 Chosen as a short, 12 day starter program

$300-$1800 each x 100 sales ( price depends on time and type of coaching) $30,000 – 180,000 ***


 ***The deciding factor here is your time, which can limit your earning potential when considering higher figures.

However, it doesn’t necessarily have to be this way. For instance, if you successfully enroll 200 people in a weight loss program, nothing stops you from enrolling 600. The challenge lies in managing the time needed to cater to the increased number of clients.

Whether you are a doctor, dietitian, or health coach, expanding your client base doesn’t have to mean spreading yourself thin. Consider hiring additional help, like a health coach or nutritionist. For example, if you pay someone an annual salary of $60,000 to manage client consultations and support, you can focus on expanding the business.

Now, let’s consider the financial implications. If you manage to sell 200 programs at $1800 each, your revenue would be $360,000. After subtracting the $60,000 salary of your new hire, you would be left with a net income of $300,000. This scenario not only appears incredible but is also quite achievable with the right approach and resources.

3 Month – 6 Month – 9 Month – 12 Month

A pre-set graduated program that your customer could elect to move up to during assessments.

3 mo $797  The program 6 appointments

6 mo $1597 Program plus 12 appts

9 mo $2397 Program plus 18 appts

12 mo $2997 Program plus 24 appts

or weekly appts – double the price, or no appts $597

Large First-Time Commitment

Some coaches, especially those in functional medicine, require a significant initial financial commitment in the case of labs and expected future work to reach an expected outcome.

Free Group – Funnel to Paid Course

You may elect to have a free Facebook Group or some other hosted group and funnel from there to a course paid on a topic pertinent to the group.

Free Trial w/opt-out

Offering a free trial for a specified period and allowing your customer an option to opt-out offers a win-win opportunity for both of you.

Course w/Group Coaching

This may or may not be something that you want to provide.  When there is a huge discrepancy in the projected monthly price of a membership of cost of a course, this coaching is the cause.  You must charge enough for your time.  You may hire someone to coach if you don’t want to coach or you may not offer it at all.  Group coaching is less time consuming than private coaching and a big bonus for a lot of courses.

Course w/Private Coaching

Many coaches got into the business because they love to coach.  Offering programs allows you to add revenue streams and the option to pick and choose your coaching options.  Make sure you charge enough for your time.


Delivering Your Courses

So, now you’ve chosen your program.  You will want to deliver them to your customers.   We added membership sites because our programs became so large that it would’ve taken a full-time person to deliver them manually.  Luckily, there are many options.  Our membership sites are not expensive.  They do require that you keep up another website with plugins, and if you don’t manage them, you have someone else manage them.

THCG Membership-Sites

The most specialized THCG programs and inexpensive and beautiful.  Requires hosting.  Learn More.


Practice Management with an education portal.  Healthie discounts our customers on their premium subscriptions and loads our programs for free.  Learn More


Includes CRM and Marketing.  Learn More

Podcast with Sean Kim/Kajabi


Practice Better


Mighty Network






AccessAlly w/ Infusionsoft – Keap (this is what we use)
WishList Member

The first two solutions provide program loading.  Let us know if you need help with any others and we’ll provide a price for the service.




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Marketing Your Programs

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