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Diego Oliveira Sanchez Discusses a Software Solution for Health Coaches

Podcast 251

Today’s guest is Diego Oliveira Sanchez, founder of NutriAdmin — a nutrition software designed to help nutritionists, health coaches, and personal trainers manage their clients and work more efficiently. Diego discusses how his personal health journey led him to create the software, NutriAdmin’s features for consultations, meal planning, client portals, follow-up care, etc., and how the software makes it easy for health coaches to customize nutrition for their clients.

In this episode, we talk about:

  • What is NutriAdmin and how it helps health coaches
  • How poor diet and weight gain in university led Diego to launch NutriAdmin
  • Some common pain points nutritionists and health coaches face
  • Key aspects of the NutriAdmin user experience — the meal plan generator, note-taking during consultations, client portals, etc.
  • NutriAdmin’s suitability for other professionals like nurses or mental health specialists
  • How long does it take users to learn how to use NutriAdmin
  • Examples of success clients have seen with NutriAdmin
  • The free trial, money-back guarantee, and resources available on NutriAdmin

Diego Oliveira Sanchez is the co-founder of NutriAdmin (nutriadmin.com) – a leading software for nutritionists and coaches launched in 2016. For Diego, NutriAdmin combines his two passions: software and nutrition. Diego has a background in Scientific Computing from Cambridge University and has been writing code since 2009. Diego has also been passionate about nutrition for more than a decade. It’s personal. Whilst at uni, Diego gained 35Kg through an unhealthy diet, reaching a dangerous weight. Then, after reading dozens of books in nutrition and with the invaluable help of a nutrition coach, Diego has lost all excess weight, regained his health, and stayed at high fitness levels for over a decade. Diego has seen (on himself and countless others) how nutrition and coaching have tremendous power to transform people’s health. The dream with NutriAdmin is to help nutritionists and coaches to reach more clients, so that they regain their health and become their best selves.

Memorable Quotes

  • “I want to help in any way I can, for more people to have access to nutrition, to great education so that they can improve their health.”
  • “A lot of people work in the fitness industry, and they are kind of mastering the fitness part. They’re coaching their clients, they are doing the exercise, but then the clients are not eating well. And it’s probably impossible, or really hard, to get fit if you’re exercising but you’re not eating well.”

        Mentioned In This Episode:

        NutriAdmin Website: https://nutriadmin.com/?via=cathy-sykora
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        Email Diego at: diego@nutriadmin.com



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