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Why Aren’t They Listening? Redirecting challenging confrontations to learning conversations.

Podcast 227


Listening is critical to successful conversations, yet it often goes overlooked. Today’s guest, Dr. Debra Dupree, shares why individuals may not be listening in conversations and how to redirect challenging confrontations into learning opportunities.

In this episode, we talk about:

  • How has the field of neuroscience helped us better understand human behavior
  • The difference between a fixed mindset versus a growth mindset
  • What is emotional potential and how you show up matters
  • What can people do to strengthen their conflict communication
  • Effective communication requires both speaking and active listening
  • Three tips for growing your emotional intelligence

Dr. Debra Dupree, the MINDSET Doc, has long been inspired to help others grow out of their FEAR of CONFLICT. She saw her own family-owned business embroiled in differences and disagreements, leading to dashed dreams, damaged relationships, and broken hearts. She turned these early experiences into a lifetime of study and application to the business world, working with leaders at all levels of an organization.

 As she sees it, people have a financial, and a personal, need to work but work doesn’t always feel ‘psychologically safe’ – and this is true at every level of the organization. Dr. D works with individuals and organizations to show up in ways that matter with influence, persuasion, and cohesion to make collaborative and meaningful environments.

 Today, she takes her world-wide community to a new level of understanding with empathy and compassion using strategic skills and techniques that turn challenging confrontations into curious conversations for learning, living and growing for cohesive workplaces.

 Dr. Debra is a Dispute Resolution Specialist, Conflict | Leadership Coach, and International Trainer and Keynote Speaker. She is also the host of the bi-weekly podcast ‘Decoding the Conflict Mindset’ bringing ‘thought leaders’ from various disciplines to her worldwide community to gain insight on self and others in challenging conversations, when high emotions run high, facing tough negotiations and confrontations. 

Memorable Quotes

  • “You and I can look at a problem together, but what we see in that problem could be two entirely different things.”
  •  “Your emotional potential is really about doing that self-study of who am I? And then, how do I manage myself?”
  • “Lots of lost opportunities happen as a result of not knowing who we are and how we wanna show up with others.”
  •  “Leave people intact in conversations, not attacked.”


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