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Embracing Courage: Your Journey to Health Coaching Success

Podcast 241

Fear is a common companion in the journey of entrepreneurship, especially in the health and wellness industry. And, in fact, every health coach you admire also experienced what you’re experiencing right now. But by embracing the courage to face your fears head-on, you can achieve incredible success. In this episode, Cathy discusses common fears that health coaches experience when starting their business and shares practical tips for overcoming them.

In this episode, we talk about: 

  • Common fears that people experience when starting their business: Fear of failure, imposter syndrome, and fear of success

  • How to overcome these fears and confidently start your health coaching business
  • The power of community support from mentors and peers to help you overcome your fears
  • Cathy’s experience of overcoming her fear at the Health Coach Mastery event at Club Med

Memorable Quotes

“The only real failure is not to try at all.”

“Our fears are gateways to our greatest achievements and growth.”

“Every challenge that you face is an opportunity not to fall but to soar.”

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