Social Media Secrets for Health Coaches

It’s time to up your game on social media.


All health coaches should know how to use Facebook as well as other social media platforms to create a presence and FREE advertising for themselves.  I am going to reveal some of the secrets I have learned over time.  Hopefully, we will save you some of the mistakes and some long hours searching for answers!

You need to spend some money to boost your posts now.  When I started out on Facebook and in this business it wasn’t that way.  I signed up for a class to learn how to take advantage of EdgeRank and to get free advertising.  I had it down pat.  It was fun – like a game.  Then, they changed ALL THE RULES.  Now, you just have to spend the money; you can’t get around it.  But it’s still cheap advertising, especially for someone who knows what it costs to advertise on television or newspaper or, yes, in the olden days, the yellow pages.

Here’s the one thing I can tell you, you have to keep up with the changes.  I can’t keep up with all the changes, so I belong to a group, and they keep up with the changes and tell me about them.

Facebook algorithms have changed.  In 2013, it was Edgerank.   Now, its different and tomorrow it will be different again.  So, the number one secret is to find someone smart who will keep up for you…while you go about the business, you’re in business for – health coaching.

Cathy Sykora

Cathy Sykora

Founder, The Health Coach Group

Cathy helps health coaches build and maintain successful businesses that improve the lives of others.

Here are the rules:


  • You need to have a Fan page.  It is against Facebook rules to conduct business on your personal page.  It is also very annoying (and a good way to get hidden) to your family and close friends.  You do not want to build up a big following on your personal page, then get banned by Facebook, especially when it can be avoided by building a straightforward Fan page.  It is effortless too.  Just go to the “Pages” listed on your left sidebar, click more, and it will say “add”…then you just follow the directions.  Make sure you are personally connected to your Fan Page with a picture or name so people will connect with you.  Add your picture to the page, just like you did on yours.  You get a cover for the page too.  This is important.  Facebook’s rules change daily, but for now, there is no 20% rule so you can add text if you like to tell about yourself, promote something you have or even guide fans to your website!  Take advantage of this without being too “salesy.”  Know, that if you go over 20%, even without the rule, it’s gonna cost you more.


  • Establish S.M.A.R.T. Goals.  Anyone who is using our 12-month program with their clients is familiar with these.  They should be Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic and Timely.  It is vital that you know your client avatar when setting these goals.  If you are selling something to farmers, you do not want to speak to city boys.  They won’t engage or even relate to your topic.
  • Engage with your fans.  The rules of engagement include posting daily (about two – six times a day).  Used to be, I’d say six, but now, I think my audience is thinking less is more.  Be authentic, speak for yourself and don’t try to talk with someone else’s voice.  Remember your fan page is about your fans and not about you, so speak to their needs.  Facebook determines how many of your fans see your posts.  You might be surprised that just because we have almost 100,000 fans, often only 40,000 looks at our posts and that is with an excellent response rate.  Fan engagement is still one of the things that drive your exposure, so if they talk to you, you should talk back.


  • Vary your posts.  There are different kinds of posts. Videos are good, I (and a lot of Facebook users) are still on the fence about Facebook Live.  Facebook likes it.   Pictures are the good today!  People like to look at pictures, so we use images for quotes.  Quotes are a double bonus because they are fun to read and you can turn them into an image.  People like to share them.  However, you can’t post quotes six times a day.  Post things like interactive questions, health news, great graphics, funny lines, etc.  Check out other people’s fan pages who are successful and see what they are doing.  Copyright is important here.  You need to be careful.  It is not right to copy.  It is wrong to copy concepts and ideas as well as product; some people don’t realize this.  Your fans see what you are doing and know.  Be original-that is how good new things happen.  You can share other people’s posts (this gives credit to the original poster).


  • Use your tools.  Facebook gives us brilliant tools to build our businesses!  There are tabs on the page that require a third party ap and can do all kinds of things!  You can drive people to your website, get opt-ins to build your list, encourage people to check out IIN, you can even sell your products from your website.  They also have to advertise (be careful with that, it is a whole other area, and you want to budget carefully).  Preset posts are available on Facebook.  You want some posts to be impromptu, so don’t schedule all of your posts.  Create a Community on Facebook by attaching a Group to your Fanpage.

My Biggest Tip:

My biggest tip…which is what I attribute my success to, is to make your media existence about your clients. 

What you offer, how you portray it, who you speak to – is all about them.  They like for you to share and give them glimpses into your personal life…but they don’t want to hear about your personal problems….especially not over and over again.

Don’t talk about financial or health problems….save that for your peer groups.

Let them see themselves and the solutions to their problem on your page.  Tell your client what you can do for them…and do it well.  If you have something that is of authentic value to the world, you will succeed in Facebook and in business in general.

What is working and not working for you on Facebook?

Ask questions below and we will answer them!

Share this with your friends.  This is something that most health coaches should know.



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