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People have been programmed to think about fashion in a way that has them disconnected from the deeper truth of fashion and sustainable clothing. Fashion is a tool that can offer multi-dimensional healing to humans. Similarly, Alyssa Couture, fashion industry expert, explains a new modern approach to the industry – fashion for healing.

Fashion and Health with Alyssa Couture

Podcast 201

In this episode, Cathy and Alyssa discuss how fashion and health relate

  • Alyssa’s book, Healthy Fashion, The Deeper Truths.
  • The concept of how fashion can be used for improving our overall wellness with sustainable clothing
  • Cosmetic fabrics as a health treatment – Manufacturing fabrics with herbs and botanicals
  • Ergonomic VS Non-ergonomic clothing – how certain clothing supports our well-being and other clothing does not
  • Therapeutic fashion and how it’s designed to help with particular health problems
  • The relation of fashion to health – physical, emotional, mental, spiritual, & energetic
  • How our fashion plays a big role in our mindset

Alyssa Couture is a fashion industry expert, with over 15 years of fashion industry experience in a number of roles. Some of these include fashion business, fashion designing, creative directing, styling, merchandising, journalism, fashion retailing, and fashion show production, using sustainable clothing.

Even though Alyssa’s calling is fashion, she has a spiritually driven lifestyle, having previously lived in several ashrams and monasteries. She is a professional fine artist/illustrator with published and sold works to follow.

Naturally being an optimistic person, she noticed an emptiness and lack of spirit with how fashion and health relate – Alyssa Couture in general. As a result, she was inspired to write a book that would be attributed as modern, fresh, and high-fashion for the New Age. She considers herself a fashion intuitive, and over the years she has created interesting, new concepts for fashion both through artistic, philosophical channels.

    Memorable Quotes:

    • “Because really what we’re going through right now, in this day, and age is a fashion process, we’ve moved from mainstream conventional fashion into more of the Eco sustainable fashion, which is the trend. And the future trend, which I pose in the book is fashion for wellness, fashion for health, fashion for mind, body, and spirit and soul.”
    • “If you put something on your body,… you’re picking clothes to really help your day and help your consciousness and help your mind in regards to achievements and trying to express personal self. So yes, I believe, absolutely. Fashion is a direct connection to our mindset.”


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