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in 1 EASY Step – Contribution


It ‘s nice to step back and take an honest and full look at the idea of gifts and contribution in a different way.  I know that there is one thing I can do – always, always – that makes me feel good.

Do you ever wonder why you are not satisfied?
Is there something in your life that feels like a big gaping hole that needs to be filled?

The Need to Give

A contribution is the one sure way to feel worthwhile and purposeful.

In addition to that, by giving of ourselves selflessly and sincerely, we improve every single relationship in our lives and achieve abundance that we can not even fathom.

Giving Selflessly

It is hard to conceive of giving as a selfless act, because, regardless of what your intentions are, you always, always receive more back than what you gave.  It could be a lesson, a better relationship, social acknowledgment or just the great feeling you get by doing the right thing.  This is where you have to separate out the intention from the expectation.  The thing is, when you do something with an expectation of return or reward, you are very seldom pleased.  If you do something with no expectation of the act being a reciprocal arrangement, you will never be disappointed.  It removes the idea that we think we deserve something in return and opens us up to unlimited abundance in everything.

The Size of the Gift

My friend Michele reminded me that we often think of contribution as being some grand gesture at huge expense and that is where we get it wrong.  Subtle acts of kindness can make a tremendous impact on the life of another and the world.


Cathy Sykora

Cathy Sykora

Founder, The Health Coach Group

Cathy helps health coaches build and maintain successful businesses that improve the lives of others.

Ideas for Giving

The list below gives some ideas of ways we can give to others without an expectation of reciprocation and grandiose gestures.

  1. Spend time with an elderly relative and let them tell stories over and over again and act like it is the first time you are hearing them.
  2. Smile and acknowledge everyone you see.
  3. Tell someone thank you.
  4. Tell someone you are sorry.
  5. Listen to someone who is lonely or angry or frustrated and let it all be about them.
  6. Give your spouse a hug.
  7. Let your spouse do something that they enjoy- that a
  8. Look for the good in others and tell them about it.
  9. Help someone out with their work who looks overwhelmed.
  10. nnoys you, without complaining.
  11. Ask your child how their day went…and listen carefully.
  12. Forgive someone.
  13. Pray for someone who has not been very kind to you.
  14. Let someone vent and don’t tell them what to do.
  15. Give up your favorite meal and let someone else in your family pick theirs.
  16. Call someone who is lonely.

Please share your ideas for selfless giving here!  We would love to hear new ideas and stories of contribution.


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  1. Tamuria

    You are so right that giving is its own reward in that it makes us feel good about ourselves. When we give with no expectations, we can fully enjoy that feeling. As you mentioned, when we have expectations, we are rarely pleased. All your giving ideas are lovely. Often, life presents us with unique opportunities to give and I like to keep my eyes open to giving possibilities. A kind word, a smile, can make all the difference to someone’s day.

    • Cathy

      Sounds like you know how it’s done.

  2. Beverley Golden

    This is a wonderful list of small ways we can serve others, Cathy. These are things I regularly do, especially being present and listening and acknowledging the other. I’ve learned that all we humans really want is to know we are seen and heard. Smiling is a big one for me too and just saying hello to someone as you pass them on a walk, can let them know they have been seen. .

    • Cathy

      So true Beverly, a good thing to remember. Acknowledge humanity.

  3. Candess M Campbell

    I love the idea of giving people a list on how to contribute. I’m tempted to send this to my grandchildren, but not sure how it will land.

    This morning I was on the phone with a friend talking about living in intentional community. She said she’d rather scrub her toilet with a toothbrush than do that again because so many of the people didn’t contribute. I found this when I volunteered. There are people who give as a way of being and those who take. Those who give naturally know how to do it. Now for the takers, this is a simple list they can use to practice.

    There are many reasons that people choose to be takers, but depression and other health issues can contribute. Anyone can do these simple contributions. Thanks Cathy!

    • Cathy

      I get it Candess. It’s hard to know. They may welcome the list with open arms. …but then again…

  4. Alene Geed

    Wonderful ideas to contribute. Letting someone vent and not offering advice. That is one I am going to try. I love the idea of paying it forward too. Last week a man in line in front of us bought our lunch! What an amazing feeling that was. We paid it forward the very next day

    • Cathy

      Yes, not giving advice may be one of the hardest gifts for me to give. Thanks!

  5. Reba Linker

    Beautiful. This is the one-step solution to so many ills. Thank you for this beautiful message!

  6. Tandy Elisala

    Cathy, what a wonderful list of ideas to give and find fulfillment. I especially like #1,2,3,11,14 and 12 – forgive someone, is KEY to happiness. Thank you for sharing this message. So powerful!

  7. Teresa Salhi

    Beautiful message for all of us. I love the simple list of everyday ways we can give and the outcomes can be so powerful. When we can get our of our ‘expectations’ or our ‘perceptions’ when can really open up to help another more and that is conducive to many of the ways you suggested. I have found random acts of kindness to be fun and fulfilling and offer in ways where they do not know from me. For example some times my husband and I will look on craigslist for what others may have posted they needed. We will take over and put on their doorstep without telling them it was from us. Great message darling, thanks for the reminders.

  8. Lorii Abela

    These simple acts can actually mean great to a recipient. We do not know how their life is going on in that particular moment they receive your gift. I remember volunteering in a free hugs event. It was scary on my first few trials but soon, the gesture became natural. Some actually were running to approach and receive a hug. Men and women came aside from naturally cuddly children.

    • Cathy

      YESSS! Hugs can carry us all for a while…especially cute little baby hugs.

  9. Joyce Hansen

    Having twice been the recipient of a random act of kindness, I marvel at the unexpected surprise and warmth of heart I experienced. It’s like being a secret Santa at any time of the year. Let’s all go out and spread the good cheer

  10. Katarina Andersson

    A great list of how to give without expecting anything in return.


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