5 Little Steps to Ruin Your Health Quickly…6 months or less – GUARANTEED!



There are little things we can do daily to improve our health…did you ever think that the small decisions you make today and every day are the ones that make giant dents in your lifespan, health and happiness.

If you want to shorten your life…make sure you do these things daily.

  1. Stay in today and work on your computer…don’t get outside for sunshine and don’t exercise.
  2. Eat whatever is at hand, easy and without thought.
  3. Dwell on everything that goes wrong.
  4. Forget about what everyone else around you needs…just take care of yourself.
  5. At 5:00…turn everything off…microwave dinner and sit in front of the television…you worked hard, you deserve a rest.

I could add more, but I have a feeling this will give some of us enough to think about.

Have a great and active day today!