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Focus and Potential with Dr. Bridget Cooper

Podcast 71

Overwhelm is a common problem that keeps people from moving forward and living their best life. Dr. Bridget Cooper shares tips for mastering focus and harnessing the power of being present so you can let go of past patterns and thrive with an attitude of abundance!     

In this episode, Cathy and Bridget discuss the following:

  • How too many choices can lead to FOMO and overwhelm
  • The importance of a big-picture perspective and being very clear on what you value 
  • The power of mindfulness and focusing on what you can do in the present moment 
  • Recognizing we have control of 3 things: Our thoughts, feelings, and behaviors
  • How Bridget helps others unpack thought patterns to create mind shifts 
  • How Bridget approaches the bottom line and achieving success 
  • How compassion and accountability are necessary to overcome challenges 
  • The choice we have of living in power instead of pain 

Dr. Bridget Cooper is a ‘cage rattler”. She focuses on helping others determine mindset blocks and shift old ways of thinking, behaving, or believing so they can live more passionate and fulfilling lives. 

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