Planning Ahead for 2018

Did You Take a Look Behind?

If you’ve been following our actions at all, you know we’ve seen some incredible changes.  We usually take a pretty good look at what’s happening, evaluate what’s right, what’s wrong and what could be better. If you want to hear an extended version, check your email from this week under (Personal) and it was a story from my heart.  The good news is….da da da dum…I’ll spare you the words, but I want to tell you that it warms my heart that so many of you sat down and read it word for word and responded.  You are lovely and I am honored to work with you.

So, if you missed it, search spam for (personal) in the subject line.

What I would like to talk about, and what we’re going to go over this week in our first ever Inner Circle Weekly (moved to Wednesdays at 1 CST (2 ET) is making changes for your business based on 2017 evaluation and setting goals.  Of course, we’ll use SMART goals,  Specific, Measurable, Achievable Relevant, and Time-Bound.  We won’t spend time on those – except in applications.  You guys are the pros of SMART goals.

“A break with the old year ending and the new year beginning is a natural spot to release anything that no longer serves our values or our highest good. I can tell you there are times that this simple action can release such immense joy and relief in yourself as well as your whole organization that it can propel you to higher heights, performance, and unity than you ever anticipated.”. ~Cathy Sykora 2017-2018

Cathy Sykora

Cathy Sykora

Founder, The Health Coach Group

Cathy helps health coaches build and maintain successful businesses that improve the lives of others.

Consider This

I can attest to the fact that we accumulate unGodly amounts of online software that are meant to aid us in our day to day activity.  Some of it we use, some, we don’t.  Most of it, we’re paying for it on a monthly, quarterly or annual basis.  Some example; Quickbooks Online, Hootsuite, PostPlanner, Edgar, Dropbox Premiums, Appointment schedulers, Plugins we no longer use, GotoWebinar, Mailchimp, Hubspot, Hubstaff, Zendesk, Basecamp, RingCentral, Infusionsoft, FlowPro, InfusedWoo, GroSocial, ManageFlitter, Blogvault……  I just thought of these of the top of my head, and yes, we use them all.  I did change back to standard Quickbooks this year and finally dropped Hootsuite and ManageFlitter this year.  That stuff adds up.

Be careful though.  Sometimes you’re grandfathered into prices and you miss them, then you have to go back and pay more.


Team Member Evaluation

Our web developers didn’t make the cut, but we did find some local guys, who, hire and manage some guys who aren’t local, so they’re here always when we need them.  AND – we don’t have a lot of need for them anymore.  Our costs have been cut a TON.

Since we no longer run a software company, our needs for your favorite people have gone down, but thanks to your incredible – no better than an incredible response to my email the other day, Amanda is going to be so busy taking care of a special group of you and getting you new customers and running your businesses for you, the way she helps me out.  So, this was my hard one this year, when my DSD expense and income went goodbye, so did the budget for a big portion of Amanda and Ashlie.  I am happy to say that we have totally replaced their funds and they’re secured for 2018.  Thank you health coach community – you rock like no one else I know. Amanda and I have set some revenue goals for coaches and it’s her job to get those numbers.  This November’s event will be a huge celebration of what we did during this special time of transition.  I’m so proud and happy for ALL of us.

If you need to cut back – do it, but don’t forget the other alternative and that is to grow.  Think outside the box and know there is ALWAYS a way that everyone can win, you just need to apply the numbers and some thoughtful problem-solving. Everyone wins this way, especially the customers with memberships and great vas who are rocking it this November.  They’re going to share with you how much money they were able to make because they are finally running their business like a business…sales funnel, nurturing, programs, advertising….and coaching.  They are adding software programs and advertising and getting one heck of a deal with Amanda, Shianne and Ashlie.  Thank you guys…you know who you are and I promise we will make you SO happy you did this.  This November you get to brag.

One more thing, we’ll be needing an additional graphic designer to be able to stay ahead of the work.  With the growth and popularity of the Starter-Sites and branding packages, we’ll need to find a second graphic designer.  If you are one, or you know of someone, please have them contact me at [email protected]

So how do you like that – we cut back and we need more.  More people working, making money and it ALL ends up making a difference in the lives of your customers.

2018 is going to be beyond incredible.  I can’t say that enough.

Look at Your Prices

Review your numbers.  We’ll look at our magic calculator on Wednesday.  Know what you need to sell for how much and if you need to charge more – change it now.

Revise Your Advertising

Cut your advertising and you cut your reach.  You need to reach out to let people know you’re here for them.  How can you help anyone if they don’t know you’re here.  Resolve to spend enough money to hit the numbers you’ve resolved to reach in revenue this year.  You can’t possibly expect to increase revenues if you quit advertising.

Every Year

  • Review your business plan. As an Inner Circle Member, you can do this anytime you want.
  • Evaluate your financials. You need to review your balance sheet, accounts receivable, profit and loss and – my favorite is the comparison profit and loss so you can compare your year to year changes.
  • Clean up your website.  Make sure there’s no old information and be sure it’s running quick.  My new web guys are doing tests on my site even as we speak.  They use a spare site to practice and remove old unneeded things so if anything goes wrong, my site doesn’t go down.
  • Double check your Search Engine Optimization.  Do whatever you need so when someone googles for you – it’s you they find.
  • Review and update your Operations Manual.  Don’t have one?  Well, you should.  We’ll work on that in the Inner Circle.
  • There IS more to life than business.  Some of us forget about that because we love what we do so much.
    • Mind your relationships – what do you need to do to improve them?  (spouse, significant other, children, extended family, friends)
    • Take care of your body – move it regularly
    • Eat for health
    • Spread joy, acknowledge with empathy that the person you’re yelling at may have a brother dying or a child in the hospital and that the fact that Walmart is understaffed may not be their fault and you can make their life easier by focusing on them instead of you.  Sometimes being unkind becomes a habit.
    • Be grateful.  Look at everything you have instead of what you are missing.
    • Tell the truth
    • Forgive
    • Give.  Anytime you can help someone else, it makes you feel better.


Well, that should get us started.  We just released our new program, UpLife.  It’s going to help a lot of people to make life better for themselves and everyone around them.  I would love to see everyone spread joy in 2018.

Do you have suggestions?  Share below!


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  1. Cheryl Babic

    Thank you Cathy!
    I have followed you and been a part of the HCG for several years. I appreciate your authenticity and guidance always! Cheers or 2018!

    • Cathy

      Thank you Cheryl. I’m so grateful to have you as a part of our community.

  2. Beverley Golden

    Each year I do a process during the period between December 24th and January 6th, as a way to reflect, let go and envision a new direction for the coming year. When it comes to all the online stuff you mention, I must be a minimalist, as I use so few of these software tools. I honestly cannot imagine being so bogged down with these types of programs. One thing I do is to unsubscribe from the lists that I am not really engaging with, especially as I get over 5,000 emails a month! My focus these days seem to be on being of service in the world in whatever ways I am called to…for animals, for the environment, for people and to hopefully raise awareness. Thanks, Cathy, for all the helpful ideas to streamline to begin the new year unencumbered.

    • Cathy

      You are welcome Beverley. Getting off those subscriptions is a great timesaver.

  3. Tandy Elisala

    Wow, I love this message so much, Cathy. I love the process you described and the message you sent out to your community. I go through a yearly review process starting around mid-December through January 3rd or so and this year’s release of the old was super powerful. I feel really good about 2018. It sounds like you are set up for a fabulous year as well. Like Beverley, I go through my email subscriptions and clean those out and I do the same with Facebook groups, too. It feels so good to release that which no longer serves me and move into a new year with joy and simplicity.

    • Cathy

      EXACTLY Tandy! You get it. Happy New Year.

  4. Tamuria

    It is so important to review the year and see where change is needed if you want to move forward, Cathy. “A break with the old year ending and the new year beginning is a natural spot to release anything that no longer serves our values or our highest good” – I love that and have been working through that process myself and feel the joy and relief you mentioned.

    • Cathy

      It felt good just to see you repeat that. Thank you Tamuria.

  5. Rachel Lavern

    I usually begin my process the second week of December for my business and the last week of December for personal.

    • Cathy

      Hi Rachel, way to go! What do you think would happen if you started a little earlier?

  6. Joyce Hansen

    I’m playing catch-up for the New Year. I’ve been actively knocking out all the saved email that I intend to do something about. Thank you for your Every Year List. There are definitely some items I need to address.

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