Helping Others – How Health Coaches are Helping with the Coronavirus Pandemic

Podcast 90

Coronavirus has thrown everyone into a new way of life with so many unknowns. Cathy talks with Kate about how she’s providing options for her community to improve their mental and physical health by offering an outdoor challenge and participating in virtual races!     

 In this episode, Cathy and Kate discuss the following:

 Why Kate created the “COVID19 Outdoor Challenge” 

  • How much time and energy is needed to run the challenge 
  • How Kate found people to invite to join her group without advertising  
  • How Kate brings community together and supports their physical and mental health 
  • Advice for staying motivated during uncertain times 
  • Information about Run Like a Girl’s Virtual Race 

 Kate Kretschmer is a mom, wife, elementary school teacher, running coach, and yoga teacher. She offers experiences for children, adults, teachers and families in yoga, mindfulness, healthful eating, running and nature to help achieve positive, personal growth and balance.

     Mentioned In This Episode:

    OM Mama Life 
    Run Like a Girl Discount Code for the Virtual Race: Virtual15
    Vermont Adaptive

    Links to resources:

    Health Coach Group Website


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