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A couple of weeks ago, I gave you a step by step on how to build (create) your online business.  It was very detailed and if you follow the steps, you’ll find it works.  If you haven’t read it and started implementing the steps, go back and review it, then bookmark the page and go through one step at a time.

Today, we’re going to look at one of the most important things you can do.  That is to post daily on social media, watch how the post does, and select the posts that do well and boost.  You can change the post at the time of boosting to direct the reader to where ever you like!

My gift to you today is a file full of social media posts for you to brand and test.


Relevance is important in social media posts.

I’m giving you 15 posts to try out.  Put your logo, stamp, name, or symbol on the image and put it on your FanPage on Facebook.

When people respond, acknowledge their response.  Social media is most productive when you socialize.  

  • If they like your post, invite them to follow your page.

  • If they share your post, like and comment on their share.

  • If they comment on your post, comment back.

The more activity around a post, the more people it will reach.

Facebook has changed over the years and demands payment if your posts are going to get out to a maximum number of people.  The good news, if you’re smart about it, and follow these rules, you can reach people for between $.01 and .05.

Trust the process and do it.

“My goal is to spark something within the reader and allow it to initiate an idea they then can grow.”

Warren Whitlock

     Watch the Response

Learn and boost.

Analyze the response to learn what your ideal client likes.  The nice thing, Facebook will tip you off too.  They’ll send you an automatic notice inviting you to boost your post because it’s more popular than your other posts.  This is where you boost the popular posts and let the less popular drop-off.  Don’t delete it, just let it go.

     Watch it

Keep track and be ready to adjust and redirect.

What would you like to have the viewer do?  If you have a Facebook group, send them there.  Put an invitation and the link to your Facebook group. In the questions to join the group, ask them to opt-in to your list.  Put $25 as your budget over a one-week period.  Check it after a day to see how it does.  Bump it up (put more money on it) if it’s doing well.  If it’s costing more than $.25 for each response, stop it and boost another.

     Join our Facebook Group

Share your success in the group

Join our group.  There’s nothing that can help you to lift to another level better than sharing with a group of peers.  Share with your peers AND, offer your clients the same opportunity.

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Tell me where you are in your business building and what you’re stuck on.  Let’s see if we can get you “unstuck”.  Comment below.