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Every time I get ready to go on a vacation, panic overcomes me.  That’s why I decided to do a bonus article this week on “Keep Calm Health Coaches”.   It’s for me as much as for you.  It’s twice as bad when it’s right before our big event.  I started getting my work done 2 months ago so I wouldn’t have anything hanging while I was gone.  I started shaping up 12 months before the event.  No matter what I do to stay in control, life happens.  I’ve done this enough times that I am past the urge to cancel it all a week before.  Actually, this event is so laser focused that I’m not nervous about that at all.

The get in shape thing didn’t work out, not for lack of trying, however, I’m in good enough shape that I’ll have the needed energy to create the necessary magic at the event. Luckily I’m past the youth thing that if I have a zit or gained a pound, I can’t be seen.  No one is there to see my prettiness, though, pretty is nice.  You all are coming for help and that I have an abundance of.

I also did it to myself again, created this new Membership Business/Program that’s being released at the same time as the event.  It added a kind of stress that I’m used to and makes me feel useful and needed.  My part is done and now, I’m relying on my team….who is the best.  So there’s really nothing to worry about.  I’m going to have something incredible to share at this event.

I’ve also always been one to “give it up to God.”  Thank goodness that ALWAYS works out better than I could’ve planned.

I used to thrive on stress.  That’s why I keep asking for it.  It’s my lifestyle.  So, when I came across this great article on managing stress, I decided it may be good for all of us to take a minute and remind ourselves how to stay calm in the face of anything.

Image via: AHealthBlog


There’s a lot of advice out there

Then, when you start looking, there’s an incredible amount of advice on staying calm.  Use these, one should kick in and help!

Image via: AHealthBlog

     Speak Your Own Words

Learn what your customers need and speak straight

I love this one, it’s bright and makes you calm before you even read it.

Image via: AHealthBlog

“One of the most common and destructive daily habits that people get caught up in certainly must be the habit of worrying.”

Henry Edberg

I hope one of these infographics helps you.  I know I’ll be coming back to it a few times before November 2 – then all will be wonderful.  When the time comes, it’s like taking a big breath and letting it out and all is well.  Same with vacations.  They are worth the trouble of getting there every single time.

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Tell me how you deal with anxiety, worry, and stress.  Comment below.