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We all have our feelings about sales.  Some people love it, and others would rather retire poor than ask for a sale.  When you’re in business for yourself, you need to learn how to do it.  My feelings about sales go back to the days of the flip chart presentations and reducing the price of something with each no.  The thing that I don’t like is the lies or “half-truths” in sales presentations.

I’ve always gone out of my way to be brutally honest when I’m presenting my products to someone.  Of course, I believe in my products 100% – or they wouldn’t be my products.  Everything in my business has something valuable to offer a health coach and in turn, 1000’s of their customers.  My products aren’t for everyone.  If you are a health coach promoting low carb/high animal protein diet theory, I would never sell you PURE.  If you don’t work with weight loss or gain, I wouldn’t tell you to buy Physician Approved Weight Loss/Healthy Habits.  My products are so good though that I can almost always find the perfect answer for a successful health coaching business.  I know my business and marketing workshops work – because I use those systems myself.  The day I don’t think I have valuable products to share with you is the day I’ll quit selling them.

I had a job when I was very young selling encyclopedias to young married couples.  I LOVE books, so it was the perfect product for me.  I dove into it head first and then found out that we were getting through the front door by offering free trips to Las Vegas or New York.  That would be fine, but they knew nothing about an encyclopedia presentation.  When I found that out, I quit selling them.  It took me a while to process and decide.  In the meantime, I gave out free trip without offering books.  These people needed the free vacations because they couldn’t afford them, they lived in apartments, trailer homes and I didn’t feel right.  It also wasn’t right that I take leads from the company and not do my best to sell, so I quit.  To make a short story long, everything about your sale has to be honest to be good.  From beginning to end.  That’s why I don’t love the health history as a sales tool.


Cathy Sykora

Cathy Sykora

Founder, The Health Coach Group

Cathy helps health coaches build and maintain successful businesses that improve the lives of others.

Questions For You to Ask Yourself

  1. What is your perception of a salesman or selling?
  2. Do you think being a good salesman is a natural talent?
  3. Do you enjoy making sales calls?
  4. Are you passionate about your product or services that you have to offer?
  5. How do you become a good salesman?
  6. Do you feel you have a good sales presentation?
  7. Do you place a high priority on prospecting or asking for referrals? Do you know how?
  8. Do you take ownership of your time and how you use it to build your business?
  9. Are you continually looking to upgrade your sales performance?
  10. Are you confident in closing the sale?

We are going to discuss all these questions in our next Inner Circle Weekly.  Sandee Adragna, our Product Specialist (sales expert), is going to turn the tables on us and interview us!  It will be a fun call.

Even if you’re not an Inner Circle Member, or missed the call, think about these questions and write down your answers.  Some introspection is in order.  This may help to add some clarity to your sales practice and we’ll follow this up with another article soon.  It’s worth the time invested if it helps you to feel comfortable with your sales process.

Some quick sales tips:


Health coaches have a head start because listening is a skill that is inherent to the profession of health coaching.  If you are a good listener, you have one of the most important parts of a sales presentation in the bag.

Sales calls are an opportunity to find out what someone needs and put together what you have to offer with their needs.  Focus on your customer instead of your product and you’ll be ahead of the game.

Don’t fail to ask.  Wouldn’t you think it was silly if a realtor or car salesman showed a house or car and didn’t ask if they wanted to buy?  The answer is yes.

Change your mental vision of the outcome.  If you’re talking to someone about helping them to get well, save their life, stay well, avoid expensive medical procedures, or lose 50 lbs and get their life back, why wouldn’t they sign up with you?  It’s an obvious end to the conversation.  “When do we start?” should be the sentence you expect from the person you’re visiting.


What are your experiences with sales?  Post your number one sales tip in the comments below!



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  1. Daniele

    I have the most,difficulty time selling myself and what I do. I certainly need help. Your list is a,good,start for my own introspection.


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