Why Should I Offer Programs?

Whether you’re fresh out of Health Coaching School or you’re working like crazy to keep up with 15 plus hourly customers or have a membership running pretty smoothly, your business can run better with programs.  

Programs help your customers in a way that one-on-one coaching can’t.  Programs allow you to work with an unlimited number of people who need you.  Programs allow your customers to learn new things in the way that works best for them; visual, auditory, Socratic, and/or all.  They can allow your customers levels of support that you can’t provide in a monthly or weekly coaching call.  On top of all of that, it’s a new revenue stream and you can work with an unlimited number of people and make more money.

How many programs should I offer?



Ideally, for ease of use, you should have two.  To be able to offer the most opportunity to your clients, four programs would be good.


Offer an action program for free in a group, so you can display your level of expertise and professionalism and give your potential some quick wins to want more.


A small program that is affordable and gives your potential customer a way to work with you without a large investment.  This is a great introductory program (like the 7 Day Gut Health or 12 Day Detox) where your customers are given an incredible amount of value and feel so much better when they’re finished that they want more and are ready for a bigger commitment.

A short program is easy to facilitate and it can be run continuously through the year to feed customers into your larger programs.  These programs may cost anywhere from $97 – $397


Is a middle range program like a 12 Week PURE or 12 Week Healthy Habits.  These programs normally have a specific purpose, like the transition to plant-based or weight loss.  These can get your customers started toward establishing some lifestyle habits that have the potential of changing the direction of their health, lengthening their lifespan, and putting them on the road to change. 

These programs are nice because you can offer them self-guided or with coaching.  You can pick and choose who you work with and your customer can buy in at the level they can afford and feel comfortable with.  The price for the mid-range programs may be anywhere from $397-$2197 depending on what you include with the program and the variable being your time.


This is your premium offer.  This could be like Natural Health Immersion Membership or a 12 Month Coaching program and vary according to your time investment.  $47-$397 a month or more and a one year commitment would be reasonable.  If you want to ensure that this group of people are successful, you could require a buy-in of 12 months with pre-payment up to $17,000 depending on what you offer and how much time you spend together.  If you’re spending a lot of time with your customers, you’ll want to limit the number of these programs that you make available for purchase, or hire someone to help you fill your customers needs.


“ If you don’t know where you’re going, you could end up anyplace.”  



 Many health coaches never sit down and set revenue goals.  If you don’t set revenue goals, you’re missing the boat.  You may not know what your potential for income is.  Many set a budget for expenses but never look at what is a reasonable expectation for revenues.  After you have a year or so of actual performance, you can forecast your income.  If you have a few years where your sales increase 10% a year, you can forecast that.  Beyond that, you can strategize.  What would you need to do to increase your sales by 20% instead of 10?  This is where business and entrepreneurship become really fun.

When should you run which programs? 

  • Run the free one nonstop.  Use it to funnel into your low-cost program. 
  • Run your low-cost program every week, or every other week, or at an interval equal to the number of days in the program.
  • Your mid-size program should run at a pace that fits your business goals and the amount of time you want to put into your business.  You may need to hire help if your mid-size program is running non-stop.
  • Your premium program would be an evergreen program, membership and should require a commitment of 6-12 months.

You can handle this by yourself as long as you aren’t doing a lot of coaching in groups or one-on-one.  If you’re putting a lot of your time in, or selling a lot of coaching, you’ll likely need help.  The thing is, there are a lot of health coaches in our community who are willing to help out and eager for an opportunity to coach.

So, make a plan, make it happen, and do it the way you want.  The four-program plan makes it easy to use your programs in a dual capacity to help your clients get healthy and as a funnel to build your business and make more money.

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