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If you’re a binge watcher, you may as well make it something you can learn from!  Watch these shows, the best of the health movies out there.  These are documentaries that you may have already seen.  Watch them again and if you’ve never seen them, it’s time!

Better yet, invite your customers and have a screening!

     My Top Five

Watch and share

1.  Forks Over Knives


I took my husband and granddaughter to this movie.  They sat through it with me and pretended to be put-out, but I could tell, they both enjoyed it, stayed tuned in, and they had to learn a lot.  You couldn’t watch this movie and not go home wanting some vegetables.


2.  Fat Sick and Nearly Dead


This movie changed the way people looked at juicers and rest stops.  Joe Cross is charismatic, cute, and he practiced what he preached. Joe had lots of great success stories, including his own.  He had people who wouldn’t have even tried green juice, juicing and losing weight.  He drove from one end of the country to the other, teaching people the joys of juicing.


3.  What the Health

This movie had a lot of attention and a lot of talk.  The movie tied eating animal products to having cancer.  There were a lot of new vegans for a while after this movie.


4.  Food Inc.

The movie that burst a lot of naive bubbles.  It told the story of how food gets from the farm to your kitchen table.It was the story of the farm.


5.  Food Matters

This got a lot of attention from mainstream America.  It was one of many peoples first look at how food affects health.  It’s received a lot of attention and can’t help but make a positive impact on the wellness of all who watched it.

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