Nutrition Month – Make Space For Real Food

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Reposted and adapted for Nutrition Week 03/09/2023 originally posted May, 2020


We got a few things right in 2020.  One of those things was returning to meals at home.  I’m bringing this article back for Nutrition week because there is so much good information here.  Protein is important and there are two good downloads here.  There is also a coloring pages offer with fun tips for health.  Enjoy nutrition.

Select a healthy food or nutritional practice to add in every week and see how that goes.  Learn more about nutrition and see how to make choices that are nourishing and make you feel better mentally and physically.

The other healthy by-product of social separation is a little bit of breathing space in the social pressures attached to meals.

Typically, we’ll share meals that represent our ethnic backgrounds.  We use food in parties, celebrations, gatherings, and even as a part of our religious ceremony.  This is a nice time to sit back and get some clarity on what we’ve always taken for granted.  We can learn to build on our heritage and include it in healthy practice.

This is our opportunity to eat mindfully.  It’s easier to eat mindfully if we:

  • learn and practice portion sizes
  • balance our meals with healthy nutrients 
  • actively manage our cravings with awareness
  • learn and appreciate where our food comes from
  • add in more plants
  • take the time to enjoy our meals with others
  • don’t eat while working, driving, or watching television
  • chew our food thoroughly
  • drink plenty of water (hydrate) 
  • become aware and appreciate color, texture, smell, and taste of foods
  • enjoy food preparation
Every day we have an opportunity to start fresh, take action, and build a healthier, happier and stronger self.  Once we do that for ourselves, it is amazing how quickly our friends, loved ones follow our example.

Nourishing Goals

Tips to eat for your body

  • drink 8-10 glasses of water
  • eat more fruit and vegetables
  • plan your meals ahead of time
  • eat smaller meals more often
  • be mindful of which foods make you feel better
  • be mindful of any foods that make you feel bad
  • sugar, alcohol, caffeine in moderation
  • chew chew chew

 Taking care of these needs build our immunity and set us up to age well and live a happy life.


Plant-Based Proteins Download



While some people thrive on animal products for protein, there are many nice and healthy alternatives for protein.  That is why we’re providing this protein list.  You may be surprised at all of the alternative sources and how enjoyable they can be to add to your meals.  This is a great time to become more aware of healthy nutrients!


All Proteins Download 

“Life is a moving, breathing thing.  We have to be willing to constantly evolve.  Perfection is constant transformation.”  Nia Peoples


  1. eat more fruits and vegetables
  2. Minimize stress
  3. wash your hands
  4. get enough sleep
  5. drink in moderation
  6. exercise every day
  7. eat at home
  8. list your gratitude
  9. keep it clean
  10. a good book is your friend
  11. plant your garden
  12. forgive others
  13. share generously
  14. learn something new


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