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This is a special blog, that would have been a podcast, except that I’m feeling a little to connected to the topic right now, if you know what I mean.  I’ll give it a voice next week.

This is a values thing and I run into it all the time.  We all have different values, so it’s important that we choose carefully who we work with, the way that we, and our team conveys ourselves, and that if we are going to work together, the values are compatible.  THEN, we need to set boundaries and stick to them.

Some of my strongest values in life and business are honesty, integrity, and fairness. 

You’ll notice that the members of my team either last a long time or not very long at all.  It’s because those values are so important to me.  If I have people representing me, there has to be no hint of dishonesty, selfishness, or inability to understand values.  If the characteristics are not strong and they do not represent Health Coach Group well.  The same thing with vendors, joint ventures, and even ideas.

Trust is so important.  We can be trusted because we tell you the truth whether it will make us money or not.  One example; if we have a customer who displays high anxiety when dealing with anything technical or simple software or computer issues, we tell them to use a service that does the delivery of our programs for them.  We have two great services who will upload your programs for free with your subscription.  They are the perfect option for someone without technical abilities.  We don’t have to tell them that.  We don’t make any money when we tell them that.  We just know that it would be better for them and easier when they need easy.  We could sell our membership platform without offering the easier solution, but we don’t.  Helping you to do business that suits you better is in your best interest and if you do better, we do better.  Our membership-site is less expensive and that’s what will draw more people to it…well, plus, of course it’s pretty.  We would never recommend one of our programs just to sell a program.  Well, that’s not just an honesty thing, it’s a longer vision.  If you buy something from us that doesn’t fit your business model, then, I don’t see any reason you’d want to buy another thing from us.



Be accessible.  Here is our accessibility – [email protected]  You can reach out to me, Amanda, Ashlie, Sandee, Tina …any of us at any time through support.  You know how to get your problem, your idea, or your win in front of us now.  Just email support.  We’re ALL here for you.  

You will get an honest response in support.  That is why we’re here.

The last two weeks have been interesting dealing with other companies.  I dropped my telvision and phone with the cable company because I don’t use it and it was a waste of money.  I had 6 (SIX) people lie to me and tell me my internet would no longer work if I got rid of the others.  I had told them the internet couldn’t go down at all.  Well, one 200 response social media post and one honest service person later (TONY, written in my memory), my husband took our boxes and remotes in and found the nicest service guy (honest, accessible, with integrity) and I have no cable tv or phone, but my internet had one tiniest flicker and is steady and working.  So, my point is, to have 6 people in an organization that would flat out lie to you, what kind of culture does that organization have?  I wouldn’t want those six people telling the story of THCG’s culture.

Another story – advertising.  Well, I’ll save that story for later.  It’s too fresh to commit to words yet.  Don’t worry, I’ll tell you later.  I’ve been working on expanding touch-points and I’m working on alternatives to Facebook Advertising.  If you’d like to join me, contact me at [email protected], it’s a non-profit group, but there will be a charge.  We’ll use the money to bring in experts, this way you can learn from a lot of experts and share the expense.  I’m working on direct mail (the really expensive form), organic social media, podcast, joint venture, public relations, networking and a couple you’re going to be seeing soon! 


“ I’ve been working on expanding touch-points and I’m working on alternatives to Facebook Advertising.  If you’d like to join me, contact me.  It’s not free, but it’s nonprofit, we’ll use the fees to pay for experts.”  Cathy



Everyone makes mistakes.  Mistakes don’t bother me, as long as we look for ways for mistakes never to happen again.  That is the key to learning and growing from mistakes.  None of us are perfect, and the thing is, the more we put ourselves out there and try new things and trust people and make changes in the world, the more mistakes we’re going to make.  

In my case, because I make so many, and they’re well intentioned and made with purposeful action, I normally come out with my biggest mistakes being accidental wins.

Expect mistakes from yourself and expect them from others.  Be ready to learn, build-on and forgive.  Mistakes can be a GOOD thing.  The secret is to accept responsibility for them and build from it.

Forgive, don’t forget to forgive.  My mom used to say “to err is human, to forgive is divine.”

It’s still important to tell the difference between an honest mistake and a dishonest mistake.  

I’ve learned that there are some people who aren’t familiar with the truth.  If they weren’t so annoying it would be funny.  They tell stories that play with the truth.  That all confuses me because I think sometimes they even convince themselves, though they leave a trail of contradictory facts and stories that are easily documented.  If you know what’s good for you, you’ll run away from them as fast as you can.  If you have customers like this, turn them loose and don’t work with them. 

That’s one of the privileges of entrepreneurship, you get to pick. 

If someone doesn’t show up for work on the first day, you can let them go – period.  You will save yourself months of headaches.  If you have a customer who is dishonest, passive-aggressive and rude to everyone on your team, you can let them go.  If you have a vendor who takes off and leaves you hanging with a huge job over the holidays so you have to give up your plans to complete the work, you can let them go.  You just need to give yourself the power.

Celebrate the people who build you up.  I celebrate Ashlie and Amanda every single minute of every day.  I celebrate their values and their hearts.  We are all lucky to have them in our circle.

Today I am celebrating Adobe Creative!  The first chat support I’ve ever called my hero!

Today I’m celebrating Bill and Maria Phillips.  They build people up and demand their best and make a huge difference in people’s lives.  We all know that’s not very easy 24/7.

Do you have a values statement for your business?  Now would be a good time to set it in place.  Be sure that you give it to the people who work with you so they understand your values and know that they’re expected to work within them.  SBA’s How to Set Values for Your Business  click here


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