How Much Change Is Too Much Change?

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How Much Change is Too Much Change in Coaching

I’ve been thinking, which is about the time that Amanda breaks out in a cold sweat.  That usually means more work for all of us.

You know, when we worked on the Stress Program, by the way, it’s a year old now!  My biggest concern was not to stress people out with too much to do to be relaxed.  It’s true.  So, I’ve been reading all these new self-help books with a list of a gazillion things that people have to do if they want to stay healthy.  I’m not kidding.  They have a list of foods, supplements, exercises, places to live, things to think, people to see, spiritual thoughts, things to buy, and oh my gosh … how does one do all that?  I’ve been keeping my journal with my list of three things for a week now and even that feels a bit overwhelming.  Especially when something isn’t happening the way it should.

Every one of our programs has a list.  It may be six or it may be seventeen.  The important thing I think for us, as program creator and coaches, is to give the end user a break.  Give them some grace to do it at their own pace.  Break it down to three items at a time and if that’s too much for them – then one.  One good success is one good success.  Even one good try is one good attempt at one good success.



So, I’d like to enter the word GRACE into coaching.  Give your customer grace to go at their own pace.  Maybe we don’t have to have the hares.  Maybe we can all have the turtles.  The slow turtles.  The cute, relaxed, slow, healthy turtles.
Unless we’re talking about you and your business.  If that’s what we’re talking about.  Just get out and do it.




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