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How to Create & Grow a Podcast That Will Get You More Coaching Clients


Podcast 216

Hosting a podcast is a great way for you to grow your business as a health coach. Today we talk to podcast expert, Joe Casabona, who shares the best way to start a podcast for your coaching business.

In this episode, we talk about:

  • Demonstrating expertise in a convenient yet personal way
  • Why coaches should consider a “mini podcast” style for their show
  • The top 5 ways to make money with your podcast
  • The question you need to answer when starting your podcast
  • Joe’s quick tips on how to start a podcast
  • How to offer a call to action during your episodes

Joe Casabona is a podcast producer and coach who helps people grow their podcasts into five-figure businesses. He does that through expert-tested systems that come with 10 years experience podcasting, 15 years teaching, and over 20 years working the web. You can learn more about him at casabona.org

Memorable Quotes

  • “To be a good consultant or coach, people need to know, like, and trust you. A podcast is one of the best, most intimate ways to create that trust.”
  • “Show them you can solve their problem…You’re the painkiller that they need.” 
  • “Record maybe 8 – 12 episodes so you have 3 months of content before you ever launch.”
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