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I’m going to share my secrets with you here in this article so you can start growing your fan base today.  I’ll give you the step by step instructions, so there is NO doubt what you need to be doing all the time to build your community.

The goal is to grow your likes consistently, give lots of free value to the people who like your page and put them on your list.  THEN, this is imperative, continue to give them value until they are ready to buy from you.  No pressure, and it’s all fun and helpful to them along the way.

My goal for this year is 125,000 Facebook likes.  In 2012, I started out just like you – 250 likes and didn’t have a clue how I was going to grow a list.  I wasn’t even sure I could.  In that year (2012), I figured it all out.

That’s a lot different from the old door to door sales model.

It’s also substantially cheaper than snail mail.  That used to cost me around $10,000 per quarter.  Now it’s virtually free, and I reach twice as many people.

My customers are on Facebook – VERY IMPORTANT – Make sure your ideal client is reachable through Facebook. Otherwise – none of it matters.  Time is money, and you’ll be wasting both.

Not all social media is free – I recommend you spend money on Facebook advertising while using all the free tools.

Cathy Sykora

Cathy Sykora

Founder, The Health Coach Group

Cathy helps health coaches build and maintain successful businesses that improve the lives of others.

Seeing the World Through Someone Else’s Eyes

The secret to finding where your ICA (ideal client avatar) will be, lies in finding just one or two real people who fit your profile and “creeping” them.  Business people call it market research.  Social Media has a name for it – if it’s done in a social setting.  This practice is invaluable.

Find someone who IS your ICA and check out what Fan pages they like and which groups they’ve joined.  You then advertise to target the people who like those fan pages.  Join and engage in the groups.  Then start your group and build your community based on the additional information you’ve learned by interacting and getting to know your ICA.

The closer you can get to your ICA, the better your business will do.  Understanding what makes them happy, sad, satisfied and fulfilled is important.  Knowing where to find them and how to speak with them comfortably and from their place is imperative.

Consistently do this:

  1. Know your ICA
  2. Create a Facebook Group that addresses your ICA’s needs
  3.  Spend a little money on Facebook ads
    • First, advertise fun social things to your ICA – target carefully, with a LIKE button
    • Then promote FREE and valuable things to the people who like your page from #1 in exchange for their name and email address
  4.  Then nurture your followers who’ve traded their name for your free stuff
  5. Find out more about them by asking questions or giving them more free stuff and see what they want and need
  6. Every once in a while (10% of the time) – tell them what you have to sell that would help them
  7. Be consistent in your Facebook posts – vary them (IMPORTANT) – according to what they indicate is interesting to them
  8. Offer your group members valuable information, connections, and collaborative opportunities all the time

It’s important that you do this in the order shown.  I had someone helping with my advertising, and it cost 2.5x’s more to do this out of order.  It’s also important to follow these directions carefully and BE SURE NOT TO skip anything.

Some people believe that you can do this without a blog – blogs are important – especially in the beginning when you HAVE to establish credibility.  After a while, as in my case, it offers you the accountability to consistently provide valuable content to the people you value most.

To be able to do the above, you will need:

  1. A Facebook Account
  2. A Fan page for your business on Facebook
  3. An auto-responder (Infusionsoft, Mailchimp, A-Weber)
  4. Graphics software (free Canva or Adobe Spark – Paid Camtasia or Adobe Illustrator)
  5. A posting tool – (PostPlanner, Edgar, Hootsuite)


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