This is something you’ve needed for a long time and I’m SO
EXCITED to be able to provide this.  Business Education that you can afford.

I’ve seen such great things happen for health coaches who’ve gone through our courses and applied our materials. I know that not all of you are in a financial position to do B-School, so why not do this and make the money to participate in b-school next year?

This is available to all health coaches and/or health professionals.

I made a huge decision.  That is – to take all our educational materials and put it in one place as a membership group.  That’s right.  You will have access to all our courses with this membership.

100% money back guarantee, no contract or time commitment…you can’t lose. The only reason you’d not benefit from this is if you join and don’t participate – and if that’s your issue, then you just quit and come back when you can. This is set up to be EASY for you.

  • Building Abundance
  • Online Marketing Mastery
  • Social Media Strategy Playbook
  • Physician – Health Coach Partnering
  • Tutorials, Courses, Articles and Videos

htgEven better – we’ll have one group that is super-powered.  Our people, including me (Cathy), Karen, Amanda, Ryan ….. will be in this group to answer your questions.  Plus, you’ll be with your tribe who are working on the same things as you and you will learn things the easy way – with your people and experts teaching you – as you need the information.

Here’s the part that will be really exciting for all of you!  I’ve hired additional staff to create short 5-15 minute videos on how-to do ANYTHING!  PLUS, as a group member, you’ll be able to request new topics.  We’ll start out producing 5 or more videos per week and then, we’ll taper off to weekly additions.  As BETA members – you get to request topics.

Topics may include:

  • WordPress Tutorials
  • Recipe Tutorials
  • Blogging Tutorials
  • Coaching Tutorials
  • Health and Wellness Tutorials
  • Social Media
  • Facebook Advertising – Power Editor
  • Twitter
  • Engagement vs. Reach
  • List Building
  • Turning your List Into Buyers
  • Getting Clients
  • Program Delivery
  • Office Setup
  • Branding
  • Elevator Speech
  • Target Market Research
  • Creating Your Own Programs
  • Google Analytics
  • Tracking Pixels
  • How to Hire and Who to Hire
  • Accounting Basics




BEST OF ALL!  There is no required length of membership.  You may stop your membership at any time – no questions asked.

Your cost is……………

$47 – I know!

It’s for real!


1.    There isn’t a contract to sign

2.    If you don’t love being a part of our How-To Group, we will give you your money back – all of it.

3.    This is an unconditional 100% money-back guarantee!

This is for health coaches who are working hard and want to become successful quicker without having to scramble to find out how to plan for a business or set up an online marketing sales funnel.

It’s for health coaches who want to broaden their coaching skills, business skills and have access to a library of health information to access for their coaching clients!

Let me help you now.

If you’re ready, click the button below and we’ll be off and running RIGHT NOW!

****This does not include any certification.  You may take any certification courses, but, you’ll need to pay separately for testing and certification.

Get in on the BETA:

Monthly $97.00   Beta Price $47

Annual (1 Month FREE) $1067.00  Beta Price $517.00