If you’ve successfully launched your health program, you’re in very good shape.

Do you know how to launch health programs?  Have you successfully done it?

Do you have the tools you need to service 100’s, no, 1000’s of customers?  If you have our programs, you can service an unlimited number of patients/clients.

Really, if you have a program to sell, you can change the life of two thousand unhealthy clients, just as easy as one. So, why aren’t you?  Is it as easy as it sounds?

The answer is, it could be if you know how to set up the necessary systems and then actually set those systems up and then, do what is necessary to make them work continuously.

Why do some health coaches grab the programs and fly with them, while others seem to flounder until they give up?

I love marketing.  The truth is, marketing can be fun if you approach it with the same creative flair that you do with your art, hobbies, or other interests.  Marketing is setting up systems that allow you to share your magnificent gifts with the world.  And, as a health professional, the world needs you more than ever.  It’s your duty to get your story out there.

“Our job is to connect to people, to interact with them in a way that leaves them better than we found them, more able to get where they’d like to go.” – Seth Godin

In two weeks, I’m inviting all of you who have my programs to come to a 2-hour workshop and we’re going to launch your programs.

Come prepared to work.

If you don’t yet have an auto-responder, have one by then.  MailChimp (in a link to the left) has a free offer.  Sign up for it.  If you are confident and have made a solid commitment to make your business work, then, sign up for Infusionsoft (also linked to the left) and learn as much as you can about it before our call.

You will need an auto-responder to automate your marketing sequences, which are imperative for an online business.

In our call, we’ll be setting up your launch sequence.

We’ve gone over and over your list building sequences and how to set this up and continue to advertise to build your list.  Hopefully, you’ve done that and continue to advertise to build that list.  Now, we’re going to ask those people on your list to accept your gifts of information and knowledge and then, ultimately to buy your program or membership.


This workshop is not a sales presentation.  The sole purpose is to teach you how to launch your programs in a professional and successful system.

For anyone who would like to see what a good launch looks like, Kris Carr and Gabby Bernstein currently are launching their programs.  Opt-in and watch how it’s done from the potential customer’s side.

Next week, we’ll do some more prework. I’ll be providing you a detailed list of everything you need to do to get your programs online.

Your job this week is to:

  1. get your auto-responder up and running, and if you already have one, then get it shaped up and ready to go.  Take a tutorial and learn even more about your auto-responder.
  2. If you’re going to have a team member or virtual assistant do the work, hire them, or get them ready to get started.  It would be best if you have them attend with you.  Even if you are hiring the work done, you should understand the mechanics of marketing.
  3. Buy and read the book “Product Launch Formula”, the link is in further reading below.
  4. If you don’t have your list building started.  Do it now.  If you’re an Inner Circle Member, listen to last weeks Mentoring Monday.  If not there is further reading below.  Sign up for Online Marketing Mastery (in the education category in our store) – or with your Platinum Package.


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