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How to Live a Happy, Healthy Life

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Health coaches sometimes need a little help getting back on track too.  Taking care of yourself can keep you well and prevent illness and disease as well as overwhelm and stress.  Chances are, you’re here because you wanted to feel better at one time.  Taking care of yourself can, but shouldn’t be associated with being self-indulgent and lazy.  Changing your values about taking care of yourself can be your first step forward to a higher level of happiness and health.

That’s why I’m sharing this list of top tips to get back on the saddle and feel good inside and out.

This handy list will remind you simple steps you can take to be kind to yourself:

1.  Eat natural, whole foods from the garden.

Choose organic and non-GMO whenever possible.  You may or may not have space or facilities to grow it yourself, but if possible, you will know for sure there are no chemicals, and it will be grown local.  David Wolfe even says that grass in your front yard is best to juice.  Growing it yourself gives you control and pride.  Check out Planet Natural for organic planting tips.

If you don’t have space or time or materials, try the farmer’s market or a local co-op.

2.  Drink lots of clean water.

Your body is about 60% water.  When you don’t drink enough water, you become dehydrated.  Not drinking enough water can interfere with digestion, nutrient intake, body temperature and circulation.

Make sure your water is chemical free with proper filtration.

3.  Cut back on dairy and other animal products.

It’s not the dairy itself, as much as the antibiotics and hormones that are fed to livestock that creates the problems. Try a weekly break from meat to enjoy more plants in your diet.

4.  Learn more about acid and alkaline balance.

All you need to do is to eat a more alkaline diet to tell the difference in how you feel.  It’s like the difference between night and day.

An example of a very acidic meal, hamburger, and fries with soda.  An example of alkaline would be vegetables, nuts or seeds. Learn more about Ph here.

5.  Cut back, preferably cut-out sugar from your diet.

Low glycemic foods are a better choice.  Sugar can be addictive, and it’s flat out not good for you.  Learn more about sugar from Dr. Perricone.

6.  Add natural products into all areas of your life.  

You wouldn’t believe the chemicals in your lipsticks, sprays, home cleaning products and even in the fabrics in your furniture, carpeting, paint, and drapery.  Learn more about toxins in your home.

7.  Laugh and have fun.

Schedule time for daily laughter and joy.  There is scientific proof that this makes you healthier and happier.

8.  Take time for introspection and personal growth.

Use one of our programs, our newest program “A Lighter Life” teaches you how to do both.  Our Spiritual Cleanse is a great step toward learning.  Silence your mind and learn to be grateful, forgiving, and humble.  Set appropriate boundaries and take care of yourself.

9.  Get 8 hours of sleep.

Sleep is so important.  There are a lot of things that can interfere with a good nights sleep and there are many steps we can take to improve our sleep. 

10.  Taking care of yourself means taking care of others.

My number one way, guaranteed, that I know I can feel better is through contribution.  


Cathy Sykora

Cathy Sykora

Founder, The Health Coach Group

Cathy helps health coaches build and maintain successful businesses that improve the lives of others.

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