How to Make Money Online With Programs

How to Make Money Online with Programs

Podcast 48

Thanks for joining this episode of Health Coach Conversations! Cathy shares valuable information that will help turn your expertise into recurring income so you can stop stressing about your coaching business and start spending more time doing what brings you joy! Whether you want to do the work alone or are looking for more support, today’s episode provides insight on how you can benefit from having an online coaching or membership program.

In this episode, Cathy discusses the following:

  • The background and mission of The Health Coach Group  
  • How to know if being a health coach is right for you
  • The advantages of having an online coaching program
  • The different online programs The Health Coach Group offers
  • 6 Step checklist to creating a revenue stream using online courses
  • What each step requires to run a successful online coaching program
  • The benefits of working with The Health Coach Group
successful health coaches podcast

Cathy has been in the health coaching business for over 40 years and understands what it takes to run a successful coaching program both online and offline. As an entrepreneur, she has established both brick and mortar and online businesses that have helped hundreds of others looking to make the leap into the health and wellness industry.     

6 Steps to Create a Revenue Stream Using Online Courses

  1. Know your scope of practice and what’s involved to be successful.
  2. Update your business plan to include your new revenue stream.
  3. Have an online marketing plan or hire someone to help you.
  4. Have a website to help customers find you and learn more about you.
  5. Work with a coach that will provide you with support, ideas, and accountability.
  6. Create or purchase programs that will help you teach or guide your customers.


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