Lessons in Leadership

for Health Coaches

In the Inner Circle, the first thing we do is to create a business plan, then we set up your marketing and nurture funnel in Online Marketing Mastery.  REALLY, the first thing you should do is get out and sell some programs.  What do you have to sell?  If you’re an Inner Circle Member, you at least have the 3-6-9-12 Month Program.  Many of you have our 12 Day Detox.  I’d get out there and sell the heck out of the 12 Day Detox and watch and see what your clients need, then funnel them into the program that suits them, PURE, Healthy Habits, A Lighter Life, Art of Aging, or any other that is what they need now. 

The thing is, if you start selling right away, you have a business that makes money.  So selling is your number one priority.

     Your Number One Job

Sell, sell, sell.

Your number one job as a business owner is to make money.  Keep that in mind.

Send out an email to everyone you know.  Ask them to join your list, offer them a beta opportunity.  You don’t have to sell your programs at full price starting out, getting 100 people into your detox at $97 is much better than 4 at $297.

Then, you move them into a program that will continue their growth.  People feel good and ready for change by the end of the 12 Day Detox.

     Don’t Stop There

Turn the 100 customers into a sales force.

Give those 100 Detoxers so much value that they want to tell everyone they know what a great experience they had.  Impress the socks off them.  It’s easy to do that with the 12 Day Detox as it is, but go a step further.  Send them a hand written thank you note.  Give them a $6 body brush to use.  Give them love and individual attention.  You have time now, you won’t later.  Then have them give each other love and attention.  ASK for referrals.  If you don’t ask for one, they may not think to refer you.  People love to help.  Tell them thank you with a gift.

“The way to transform your immense inner value into outer riches is by giving it freely and authentically to others.”

Ralph Marston

     Create Your Business Plan

Actions based on a plan follow the right path.

We use the SBA’s format for creating a business plan, but tailored it for health coaches.  It’s a plan you can build your business on, and take to the bank for a loan.  Having a plan makes all your daily decisions easier.

     Create Your List Building System

It’s the key to continual conversions online.

Our system is based on the tried and true, offering valuable information or quick wins in exchange for email addresses and names.  Then, nurturing these people until they’re ready to buy.

This takes sleazy sales tactics out and creates honest, natural, and continuous sales.


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