How to Start a Wellness Podcast

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Should You Start a Podcast?

 In How to Start a Wellness Podcast, my first suggestion is that you will need to learn how to start a podcast and you will want to decide if you should start a podcast.  I’ve been talking to you for years about the importance of touchpoints.  A podcast is just that, one more way to reach out with your voice and your knowledge and touch your audience.  Podcasts are big right now because it is a great way to diversify the information you are sharing.  There are many platforms to share your content, iTunes, Spotify, Stitcher, and many more.

Many of us multitask to accomplish and learn more in a day.  A good podcast, in conjunction with almost any other task is a great way to utilize our time.  I hear from health practitioners all the time, saying ” I’ve listened to all of your podcasts and feel like I already know you”.  People clean off their desks, pick up their kids, and run to the store, all while listening to and appreciating the information I share.


The Answer Was Yes

We’ve also spent a lot of time talking about out sourcing.  We would not have a podcast without an entire team alongside this endeavor to make sure it all runs like clockwork.


This should make your day; I don’t use a lot of fancy equipment.  You don’t need to either.  Some people even use their cell phones.  I use a microphone I bought on Amazon called BLUE YETI.  That’s all.  I leave it hooked up for everything because I don’t like messing with hardware.  I don’t have a fancy filter or anything, except the monitor screen where I see my guest has arrived and I can read my interview questions.  Sometime I don’t even have interview questions, we just chat.


You just need one person to listen, get your message and pass it on to someone else.  And, you’ve doubled your audience.  Robert Gerrish

I do participate in the podcast… so far as to approve the guests, the topics, and the finished product.  I also do the interview.  So…what else is there to do?  Well, we have someone who chooses and requests guests, filters the guests who apply to us, and make sure the information we need is acquired in the way of a form.  The form is pretty lengthy, so we know a lot about our guest applicants and can make an informed decision.

In the beginning, we selected music and pre-recorded an intro and an outro.  It introduces us and says goodbye.  For me, this was very valuable because beginning and ending are a little uncomfortable for me.  This makes it start and finish well.  Sometimes I have to stop someone before we takeover the entire day with helpful information, and having a pre-recorded outro blends my boo-boos.

I use Zoom for the interview.  We’ve been using Zoom for years, and now, thanks to 2020, almost everyone knows how to use it.  I let the guest know that we’ll be talking informally and that we have a great editor, so don’t be afraid of mistakes.  That takes a lot of pressure off both of us.  The worst thing I ever did was to forget to record an interview – ohhhh is that aggravating.  So now, I leave the recording up for all my Zoom calls and turn it off if I don’t want it.

When my interview is finished, I let Amanda know and she sends the interview to Podcast Buddy and lets the guest know when it will be running so that they can promote the podcast.  This is an important step in getting more listeners for your podcast.

Podcast Buddy edits my recording, makes show notes, and publishes the podcast.  We use Libsyn for distribution and hosting.  They acknowledge receipt, and then let us know when it’s out there in the world.

Promote Your Podcast

I’ve looked for ways to promote a podcast and still feel like the best way to do it is through Social Media.  Post it and boost it. 

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