Sylvie Waxman

Sylvie Waxman

Affiliate Director

IIN Graduate

Recently I decided to make my vision of working on my laptop while in my pj’s or bathing suit, with a view of the sea as a backdrop, a reality.  Doing the internal work is a crucial component on the road to a healthy lifestyle.

As the Affiliate Director for The Health Coach Group, I*’m so excited to help all of you from my new found bliss and hope to help you all reach yours.

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Turnkey & Fancy-Free and Other Programs


I recently came across this document in my folders. It’s a rough draft of the mind map I created when I was developing a website and sales funnel for myself and clients. This is a rough draft of what program “Delivery Funnel” looks like. A bit overwhelming? And this does not include a blog, another item most coaches think of as an afterthought.

Most of you are already very aware of the potential overwhelm a health coach might bump into when contemplating how to build out an online coaching business.

This is where you, as an affiliate member can feel that you are genuinely helping other coaches to understand why The Health Coach Group can be a source of manna from heaven (so to speak)!

Seriously, think about how many talking points you can gather just by viewing this image. You can begin with talking about what THCG offers with the Turnkey & Fancy-Free service. Break it down in numbers for your coaches and show them how they can save when they purchase the full package from THCG.

Or, you can talk about the Inner Circle Membership as an intro to THCG, also at savings at what it would cost them if done on their own or hire a professional.

Talk about the great supportive team we have who are there to hold their virtual hand, giving them the freedom to coach instead of worry about building out the online presence.

Next time:

prewritten text on each of THCG program and services talking points.

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