How We’re Tricked Into False Information

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Health and Wellness Information and Misinformation

How We’re Tricked with false health and wellness information. We were taught about propaganda in school.  Grade school is a long time away from today for me, but I can tell you, when I visualized propaganda in my mind, it was communist countries dropping tri-folds into their enemy territory to try to convince the receiver to join their ranks or concede.  The other part of my visualization was that it took place on another continent; not on mine.

Today we are all painfully aware that propaganda including that of false health and wellness information is a daily struggle.  It is a honed ability to create a new reality by breaking down current perception and then influence us to believe whatever it is they’d like us to believe.  The master marketer of new beliefs presents a new truth or idea, and then fools you into believing that you came to an independent belief and even that you’ve always held that belief.  Read more about propaganda.

How do we know what is true?

This is the real question.  We know we are being manipulated, so how do we know what is true?

You can base your information on scholarly presentation and authority.

We see problems with this, as throughout history, those who question and search for answers through experiment, advance truth.  This is proven with the study of diseases, the universe, genetics, and more.  

So to believe something, only because we heard it from an authority, is not the way to discern.

It is not what the authority says is true, but what can be “proven” or “shown” is true.  Truth should be found by looking at “facts”.


Empirical Evidence

Health Misinformation is a public health crisis.

The most important thing you can know, as a wellness practitioner is how to find evidence of the truth.

We’ve established a Health Coach Library that we offer for FREE to all wellness practitioners.  If you don’t have access already, you may access it here.  


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