Importance of Time Management
Podcast 136


Importance of Time Management. It seems like everyone is feeling extra stressed out these days, and maybe you’re feeling it, too. One of the best ways to manage and minimize stress is to up your time management game. But, sometimes people also get too obsessed with perfecting their time management, so that the management itself takes a lot of time! The key is simplicity and building a habit.

In this episode, Cathy discusses: 

  • How society’s advances and conveniences have ended up saving a lot of time, but healthy living is more time consuming.
  • That humans have filled time with other pursuits (like social media) that used to be spent doing healthy activities like walking to get what’s needed or preparing meals with fresh ingredients.
  • Why taking just a few minutes a day to organize your time will end up saving you time.
  • Setting up healthy time management habits.
  • Daily time management activities:
    • Check appointments for the day.
    • Make a realistic to-do list.
    • Prioritize to-do list.
    • Find what you can delegate to other people.
  • Stephen Covey’s approach to time management and how you can utilize it.
  • Weekly time management activities:
    • Review your roles.
    • Identify where the big priority items fill in.
    • Schedule your week.

    Memorable Quotes:

    • “The forces at work here are more than simply managing our time, and that can create a lot of pressure to get things done right.”
    • “Time management should not be a full-time job.”


      Stephen Covey’s book First Things First
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