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Wellness Innovations for Your Home that Lead to Better Health

First off, health coaches are the #1 wellness innovation.  We’re people, but we’re needed by everyone, from our clients, to the doctors and the greatest idea to move pro-active self care out of the thought process into the action stage.  Doctors are thrilled to have health coaches who will take the time to hold their patients accountable and make sure they understand their instructions.

Next to that, online wellness programs have enabled us to learn more about wellness and establishing the correct habits to add more years to our life.

In doing some home repair and updating, I’ve come across some innovations that are very nice.  There has been vast improvement in things like reduction of toxins and more in the past couple of years.  

I don’t have affiliate arrangements with these companies, I’m just sharing so you will know.





Shopping for paint just became more pleasurable!  The last bits of wallpaper are being taken down and paint is going up.  My husband wouldn’t even touch that one because I’m so picky about finishes.  Guess what I found!!!   


    Benjamin Moore’s NATURA paint is just what we needed!  Several years ago they came out with Low VOC… this is NO VOC – allergy friendly.   We had to go to Kansas City to get it at first.
    It’s available in all finishes.  I ordered eggshell for the walls, flat for the ceiling, and semi-gloss for the trim, by phone and paid for it and my husband just ran and picked it up 6 miles away.


Window replacements have been put off two years in a row because of storms and roof damage.  We needed all the windows in the front of the house replaced.  I’m not sure if they were original windows, but I know for a fact they’re over 30 years old.  

So, what do you take into consideration when selecting windows for your health?  Thermal as well as comfort factors.  

I’m going to be honest.  Aside from mental health and being able to get as much natural light into the house as possible, aesthetics was my major consideration.  Our windows are wood and in the main area we kept everything wood.  So Pella was about our only option.  I made Gary get 3 quotes, because that’s just what you do, but no independent local guys carried real wood windows.  Pella was our only option. Wood windows are hard to find.

In Nebraska we don’t have to worry about hurricanes.


New windows require new window treatments.  Gone are the days where we have wood blinds, with linen panels and over panels with a valance and wood cornice.  Yep, that’s what’s going.  I’m donating them.  It was all good fabrics and materials, wood, cotton, linen.  Natural and safe.  

All of that is being replaced with nice 3% openness solar shades.  It will be an adjustment, we’re doing one sheer shad in place of 5 layers of window coverings.  

They’re motorized to open and close during the time of day that is warmest in the winter and coolest in the summer.    They are 100% recyclable, Cradle to Cradle Certified, PVC, Halogen, and Phtalate free.  Believe it or not, they’re energy efficient because of the color, and they are LEED Material credit eligible.  They’re also great for allergies.

They also happen to be flame-retardant, which, if I’m cooking, is a pretty heathy solution in itself.

3M makes almost all solar shade material so, you’re purchasing technology and hardware from the different brands.  Coulisse has Stainless steel bottom hem and small valance with motorization options.  


Gary broke his neck a few years before I met him.  Those were his wild days.  These are the days he’s paying for it.  Although he was lucky to recover, arthritis and a floating bone is creating incredible pain.  

We are very lucky to be trying out a new bed for people with back pain.  We’re expecting it any day and I’ll be reporting on it so you’ll know if it’s the solution to your pain.

We’ve been using a Sleep Tracker to track our sleep and it’s quite interesting.  This month, my heart is all over the place.  I’m getting a lot more sleep than Gary, because he wakes up with pain.  It even tells you your breathing and your sleep cycles.  I get notices that tell me when my sleep is off and what to do about it.  Absolutely amazing what you can learn when you track your sleep habits.

This Level Sleep bed is in varying densities.  It’s a king size but it’s controlled separately.  If he needs to be lifted in one spot or another, it does that.  The materials are clean and healthy, which is often a severe issue with beds.  I know that’s the first thing you will ask – and yes, it’s non-toxic too!  

 It says it’s proven to reduce pain.  I’ll be writing more about this innovation soon!  We’ve always had a firm bed for his back, so we’ll see.


Check the air quality.  There are many new gadgets that will do this for you.  I checked for mold, lead, allergens, and dust mites.  I also had the vents cleaned.  We’ll probably have the vents cleaned again after the work is done.   

There are several companies in our city that do that for you, but it was cheaper to buy the gadgets and we’ll be able to use them again.

I’ve always worried about mold, so doing the tests made me feel much better and my husband is glad I’m not nagging him anymore.  Dust mites test too. You can order them on Amazon or the internet and have them in a few days.

I had a local guy come and clean the vents.  It wasn’t cheap – but I’m not going to tell you what all he found in there. I tried Groupon – but he put me off 4 months to come out – luckily they were nice and refunded me.  I found someone and paid him full price and he was out the next week.  He was good too.

Prolab has a few different type of testing kits. 

     Material Choices

Learn what to choose.

You can’t go wrong with natural materials.  It’s like anything, the same thing isn’t right for everyone.  If allergies are a concern, then some of the same things that are good for other people aren’t for you.  You’re better off with less fabric, and more cleanable surface.

Fabrics; choose natural.  Wool, cotton, silk, and linen are good choices.  Wood and tile are good for the floor.

Wallpapers have come a long way with natural materials and even combine them in artistic ways for noise reduction.

Furniture that is pressed and glued together, fabrics with formaldehyde, beds, carpeting, and other materials have some serious off-gassing.  That is why natural materials are nice.  They’re healthier choices.

“Our house is clean enough to be healthy and dirty enough to be happy.”


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